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Remembering DC



Remembering DC



I am no good at blogging. However, the DC trip was amazing. It was the happiest I have been since the fire. And because I enjoyed it so much, I wrote down everything I could remember and listed it here. It's pretty incoherent and won't make much sense to someone who wasn't there, but I am writing it anyway, for myself more than anything. But if you see something and are curious, feel free to ask me and I'll (try to) explain it.



So this is what a train is like...

GA blocked by Amtrack’s wireless service—no anthologies sad.png

Meeting intune for the first time in Union Station


The Chase

Q’s story about the Constitution

Q complaining about his boss and reminding me of my own law clerk that I treat at work, who complains of almost the exact same thing about her boss. :D

Q’s tidbit about the statues (I looked and looked, but never saw it)

The video game exhibit at the National Portrait Gallery

The Spring and Summer portraits at the National Portrait Gallery

The exhibit with too many televisions

intune’s room

A concierge trying to get me a cab and almost loading me into some dude’s car who was waiting for his wife to come down with their luggage



Seeing the Washington monument

Q absolutely besotted with lil Q

Searching for W_L


Exploring Kennedy Center and walking along the Potomac

W_L’s smile

lil Q (so cute!!)

Q’s stroller trick

Weird food in a pretentious Mexican restaurant

Laughing at lil Q's antics (I wasn't egging her on, honest tongue.png )

W_L letting me sit in his room and read anthologies while my phone charged (thanks again)!

Sitting and talking to intune and W_L in Starbucks for hours

Watching intune hail a cab (awesome)!

Smithsonian Sculpture Gallery and the weird SupraSensory display

Q taking photos of the group with lil Q

Wok and Roll

Just for W_L: I can forgive all Patriots fans, but I will still talk trash tongue.png



Senate building

Capital building

Crypts or Escape routes?

Breakfast and exploring with W_L

Having to say good bye sad.png

Cool mornings, sunny days and beautiful people

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I think they're either really neat Crypts or poorly layed out escape exists for the Capitol that we found :P


Great trip

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Besot? Well, maybe just a little. :P


And I swear, if the scaffolding and netting wasn't there, the are statutes as described.

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It sounds like you all had a great time. I so wish I could have been there. Damn health scare. Next time for sure.

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I wish I was there too :( I wish more pictures (wink, wink)... We delivered tons of those from our London 2011 meet... ;)

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I wish I was there too sad.png I wish more pictures (wink, wink)... We delivered tons of those from our London 2011 meet... wink.png


Unfortunately, I had to borrow an ancient camera and when I got to DC I had trouble getting it to take photos, so my pictures are limited. :( intune and W_L both took plenty though.

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