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First Times

Yettie One


That very first time you try something new is always a little bit daunting, a little bit exciting, a whole lot of nerves, a nice burst of adrenaline and the amazing feeling of achievement afterwards.


It also makes for some wonderful memories, even if the very first time you tried something was not the best experience you ever had.


Take for example the first time you ever rode on a roller coaster. Now see for me as a kid, I grew up in a part of the world that 'Big' rides were just unheard of, and so for me a roller coaster was a ride at the fair that came to town once a year.

Move to the UK, and a little team of friends worked out that once a year we'd all get together once a year for a reunion of sorts, one year deciding to go to Thorpe Park. Well, bowl me over, I have never had such a blast in my life, and heck I tell you the experience of riding a 'Big' ride was everything I ever dreamed it would be! :D


Then there was the first time I ever got drunk! LOL

As a rather young, somewhat naive kid, my sister's boyfriends brother and I decided we'd act all mature at my brother's 21st birthday party. Now lets see, I'd have been twelve at the time, and Carlos would have been a year younger. The beers were chilling in a huge drum of water and ice, and you basically helped yourself.

Well when it got dark and we couldn't be observed so well, our coke bottles became Castle Larger bottles, a local brew to Africa. I'll never forget spitting that first sip straight back out, amazed that anyone could like such a bitter taste. But as you do we persevered on, desperate to grow up as fast as we could.

It only took about a bottle and a half before I was gone. Oh goodness, those were the days. I was conically ill and woke up with the most savage headache, and figured if that was what being drunk was all about you could stick it. :D


When I was a real little tyke, I recall wanting to be a big guy, and decided that smoking would prove my manliness. Now in Africa, the locals who can't afford cigarettes or tobacco get themselves Tobacco trimmings that are used as a sort of fertiliser for grass and roll up a home made cigarette in newspaper.

Well as luck would have it, dad got a load of tobacco trimmings at that time for the garden, and I promptly set to work making myself a cigarette. Now truth be told, a cigar maker would have been proud with my effort, as it looked more of that size and shape. I'd used far too much newspaper, and defiantly too much tobacco, but what did I know. Well hell, when I lit that thing it looked like I'd sparked up an inferno. I only got one puff before the flames drove me to abandoning my cigarette to the floor, but it only took one puff to nearly choke the hell out of me, and my incessant coughing only attracted my dad's attention!

Well, my efforts resulted in my getting a clip around the ear, and my father trooping off to the shops where he bought a pack of cigarettes and then sat me down and told me to smoke one.

Flummoxed I did as I was told, and brother did I regret it. My throat burned and it tasted like..... I don't know, ash maybe? :/

Dad's reasoning was that if I was so desperate to smoke I should do it properly, and in a way it taught me that it wasn't cool! :) Thanks for that one dad.


And then of course there is that first time you explore sex! :)

Oh come on, you can't talk about first times and not think about that time!


For me it was exploration with a mate of mine at a sleep over at his house. I'm not even really sure I knew that it was all about being with a guy, heck maybe I did, I really don't know. All I do know is that I really wanted to do something.... anything with him.

So we gave it a go. We started out by playing swords, and that progressed to mutual caressing, rubbing and then an eventual progression to a blow job. blush1.gif

Now I can't say that it was wild, or amazing, or what I even expected it to be. All I can remember is that it was exciting, felt so naughty, and resulted in a weird feeling of guilt afterwards.

I was far too young to appreciate the impact of sex, and it was a while before I began to realise that it can make or break a friendship/relationship, but these are the lessons we learn ey.


Last night was a first for me. I broke out into the world of broadcasting in a whole new way, actually being the voice on air for the very first time ever. Wow what an experience. Yes it was only on a test server, and yes it was full of mistakes and imperfections, but wow it was sooooo much fun. I honestly felt like I was 16 again yesterday, and you know what, for a moment that was a really nice feeling. thumbsupsmileyanim.gif


It's good to think back to all those first time experiences that we have tucked away in our memory vaults. So many great memories and things to share. I got a chance to sit and think about some of them today, and enjoyed doing so. Made me smile about the good times in life. I'm sure you must do the same when you reflect back at some of your First Times. :)


Thought for today - "A dream is just a dream, a Goal is a dream with a plan and a deadline." Harvey Mackay.


Song for today - Fireflies by Owl City

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I remember my first time getting drunk - kinda.


My friend and I got so drunk on cherry brandy (which unlike normal brandy is only about 20% proof). We were both about eleven at the time, and we were at a big family party (my nan's 50th I think), so my friend and I decided to help ourselves. I woke up the next morning and felt like I'd gone twelve rounds with Mike Tyson, It didn't turn off alcohol, but it certainly taught me moderation.

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First times never end, that is a nice thing about life. You can always begin again or explore something for the first time.

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Nice blog Yettie. Yeah I remember my first ciggie - nicked from my Dad. He smoked so many I knew he wouldn't miss one :P Probably aged 9 or 10? Anyway, I was with my brother, puffing away, not inhaling, and he said no you've got to breathe it in. Which I did, and nearly threw up followed by a mega coughing fit. It was gross. And I never had another. So, like with your Dad, the trick to not smoking seems to be to start 'em young :D

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