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Tracey and Dad



Okay so not sure what the hell this weekend will be like.


Tracey is due down for her visit sometime today. That is the good news.


Dad went to his doctor's appointments today. That is the bad news. His primary finally got all the results back from the testing done in the hospital. Evidently dad is still leaking blood from somewhere. They suspect from his aneurism so he is being sent to see a vascular surgeon. His primary wants the surgery done asap. Originally we were left with the impression that the surgery would be done the end of September, maybe even in October. Now we know it is to be done as soon as they can get him and a surgeon together. So if my stuff is even more sporadic than usual, well at least now you know why.


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Keeping you and your dad in my prayers Wayne. HOpe you get to enjoy you time with your friend.:)

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Will be keeping you, dad and family in our prayers. Wishing that all goes well.

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Good that you found out sooner than later so he can get this fix and get back to being the burr in your saddle you knew and loved. :)


Best to Wayne and dad.

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:hug: Hope everything turns out well all round. Keeping you and your family in my prayers.
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