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Blast From The Past

Renee Stevens


Cia went searching through old newsletters in a quest for some Blast from the Past material. She came across this wonderful interview by Kevin (aka: AFriendlyFace) in an October 2006 newsletter. Hope you enjoy the interview as well as Cia's introduction and conclusion.

GA has inspired many readers to take the leap into writing, myself included! The writing information and programs found on the site have changed over the years, but that encouraging support has always been here. Check out this interview with AFriendlyFace, then member and mod, now Promising Author.


Interview with AFriendlyFace

GA: So, thanks for agreeing to let us profile you. Please tell our readers who you are.

Kevin: Well, I usually just go by Kevin or AFriendlyFace. I found this site over a year ago and I've been hooked ever since!

GA: Did anyone pay you to say that?

Kevin: Hahaha, nope! I just really love the site though. I've met some REALLY awesome people through it and thoroughly enjoyed reading the stories!

GA: How did you find the site in the first place?

Kevin: Well, I found Dom Luka's The Ordinary Us on Nifty and after I read all the chapter that were up I saw the link to GA. So I came here and read the rest that were up (but it still wasn't complete at that time). Then I read all of The Log Way <lol> and having a big mouth, I just had to comment on it once I was done. So I joined the forum and started running my mouth and I haven't stopped yet.

GA: Does that mean that Dom Luka is your favorite author?

Kevin: Hmm. Possibly. I would have said yes without any hesitation six months ago, but lately I've been reading so much stuff by other really talented authors that I really can't pick a favourite.

GA: How diplomatic. So which authors are on your 'must read' list?

Kevin: In alphabetical order: Dom Luka, LittleBuddhaTW, NickolasJames8, RHawes16, Viv and Vlista. I just know I'm forgetting some though and also I've read a few things by some others that I really enjoyed and looked forward to reading more by. Those are just the ones whose complete work I've read and thoroughly enjoyed.

GA: By the way...favourite? You're not from around these parts, are you?

Kevin: LOL! Actually, I am! The 'ou' spelling is just a quirky little eccentricity I picked up. When I was younger I used to read a good bit of British Lit. (especially P.G. Wodehouse), and some things just sort of sunk in I guess and honestly I just prefer the way it makes the words look. Besides I don't want to seem too 'normal.'

GA: Hehehe. What's your biggest eccentricity?

Kevin: Hmm...my biggest eccentricity...<lol>. That's a tough one. I guess one would be that I enjoy over-analyzing words and phrases. I also really enjoy seeing the absurdity in every day life and I do have a tendency to try to find something positive or amusing even in bad situations. Last night, when I was feeling AWFUL and weak with a migraine, I realized that I'd just finished shaving and that in that regard I was like Samson. Of course, the laughing actually hurt a bit, but it cheered me up.

GA: You do know what ultimately happened to Samson, right?

Kevin: ....yes, well, I didn't take the comparison too far!

GA: That's a good thing! Are you always this friendly, nice and positive?

Kevin: Hahaha. Well, I try to be and if I'm feeling grumpy I tend to just not be around people, unless they don't mind me whining. As someone who majored in psychology I've analyzed it A LOT and I think it mostly comes down to having to make sure everyone is having fun and is at ease. If not, I feel responsible for making it better. <LOL> I've got several people I whine to though!

GA: Speaking of whining...you do have a blog right? What made you decide to start a blog at GA?

Kevin: Yep, I love blogging. I think I enjoy it for several reasons. First of all, I tend to be analytical with regards to my own thoughts and feelings, so it's perfect for that. Also, I really enjoy the writing process in general, so even if I haven't managed to focus enough to write an actual story the blog's a start. Last, it definitely is great for 'whining' purposes, but mostly because people's comments have really helped me get a new perspective on things, as well as just good old-fashioned practical advice. I'm a firm believer in asking for help if you need it, so I like to ask sometimes.

GA: What's the best piece of advice you've ever gotten?

Kevin: Hmm, well, I'd say the thing that stands out to me the most in terms of pure wisdom is when I was a kid and my grandmother used to always tell me, "Everybody's different, that's what makes the world so much fun." Of course, that wasn't in a blog, but it could have been!

GA: Yep, it definitely could. What else makes the world fun for you?

Kevin: Lately? New things. I've been on quite a kick about trying new things, going new places etc. I also really love meeting new people and just sitting around talking to people. Oh yeah, and chocolate and shopping are fun too.

GA: So shopping for chocolate in a new place with a new friend is the ideal?

Kevin: Pure bliss!

GA: Your favorite kind of chocolate?

Kevin: Fudge. I also tend to like brownies and cakes and things. I seldom ever just eat like a bar of chocolate and if I do, it's probably going to be dark chocolate, not milk.

GA: Place you'd most like to travel to?

Kevin: Definitely the British Isles, and if I could, Western/Southern Europe, in general.

GA: British isles? Is that why your avatar is a pirate?

Kevin: Haha! Ben was kind enough to make it for me. As an interesting aside, about a month ago I had a hair dying "accident" and given my blue eyes and pale skin, I realized if I put on the get-up, I could pass for my avatar.

GA: So you have no nose?

Kevin: Haha, umm, it fell off from all the dye.

GA: That's some accident.

Kevin: Quite a relief actually - that stuff smells terrible!

GA: You always do find the bright side of things.

Kevin: <smile>

GA: Which pirate are you most like: Dred Pirate Roberts, Captain Jack Sparrow or Captain Crunch?

Kevin: Hmm, I'd say Captain Jack. He's delightfully strange, but everything seems to just sort of work out for him. I often feel like I'm just strolling through life falling into good luck...and of course I'm rather strange too.

GA: What's your favorite part of GA?

Kevin: I guess the forums in general, but it's a close tie with the blogs. It's just really fun to get people's insight into things. Of course, I love the stories! In general, it seems like I learn something new about the place all the time. <LOL> Just yesterday, Vance showed me the calendar - I never knew that existed. I was super-excited.

GA: Calendars are exciting.

Kevin: Yep, it's like life on a piece of paper. Where else are you going to get to see everything all mapped out?

GA: On a map?

Kevin: Ohhhh...well maps are just impossible to fold! Calendars are way cooler.

GA: To go in a different direction...if you could give a message to yourself - 5 years into the past - what would you tell yourself?

Kevin: Hmm, I'd tell myself to relax more. I'd also mention a few lottery numbers.

GA: And if you could ask yourself - 10 or 20 years in the future - something, what would it be?

Kevin: I'd definitely like to just KNOW who I was going to end up with and what I'd be doing career-wise. I suppose half the fun is in the surprise, but sometimes it's nice to expect the surprise.

GA: If you knew those answers, do you think it would make it more likely that it would happen that way or less likely?

Kevin: Well, I definitely believe in the whole "butterfly effect". So changing anything would probably be risky and that would certainly include knowing your future. So, I guess in the end, I'd opt not to know.

GA: Fair enough. I didn't mean to trap you in a time travel paradox.

Kevin: Hahaha! That's okay, it's one of my favourite things to contemplate.

GA: What's your favorite time travel paradox story, movie, or television episode?

Kevin: Hmm, well, I really enjoyed Do Over by dkstories. As far as television goes, there's this British sci-fi comedy from the 1990s called Red Dwarf. They dealt with the phenomenon many times over the course of the series and it was always fun to watch how it played out.

GA: Was it grade B? All shaky cameras?

Kevin: <LOL> No, I think it was fairly successful actually. In fact, a few months ago it actually came up in Dom's forum when one of the character's ate HOT gazpacho soup. The fact that gazpacho soup is typically served cold was central to one of the episodes and a few other readers and I remarked on the connection.

GA: What does that say about Dom Luka's forums and our readers?

Kevin: Well, I could go with 'we're all sci-fi nuts,' but I'm thinking I'll go with 'we're well-rounded individuals who have an eclectic taste in the arts.'

GA: I was thinking maybe you all need to get out more...

Kevin: <LOL> A one-eyed pirate without a nose? Who can't fold a map! I wouldn't get far.

GA: Is that what your personal ad would say?

Kevin: NOOOO. It would say: well-rounded individual with an eclectic taste in the arts...

GA: Pirates who can't fold maps might be more in demand.

Kevin: <lol> Well, then I'll be: well-rounded pirate, eclectic taste in the arts, slight map-folding deficiency.

GA: That's a winner. Ok, so this is your big chance to get a message out to our entire community. What do you want to tell everyone?

Kevin: I want them to know that regardless of the situations in their lives, there's always hope for things to get better and there will always be people out there who will love and accept them just the way they are. And that includes EVERYONE!

GA: That's a good one.

Kevin: Thanks <lol> It was between that and the directions to the nearest calendar shop.

GA: Not the chocolate shop?

Kevin: Naw....I couldn't unfold the map for that one.

GA: Hehehe. Even a one-eyed pirate could see that coming a mile away

Kevin: Hehehe. I guess!

GA: Thanks for humoring us.

Kevin: My pleasure! I had a great time.

GA: Of course you did. Oh right, me too....


So, obviously after this interview he started writing. He has 8 different stories for you to peruse in GA Stories. Check them out here. Don't forget to leave a review if you enjoy what you read!


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