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Gay Authors News blog focuses on items of interest for our entire site with an emphasis on stories.

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Ask An Author 3.0 #37

Do you know how tempting it was to copy and paste the intro to this article? The weather has been absolutely insane. California is buried in snow, and the high today here in Banjoland was 75 degrees Fahrenheit. This is wild! But you're not here to talk about the weather. What was that Oscar Wilde quote? "Conversation about the weather is the last refuge of the unimaginative."  I would also say you're not here to read quotes, but this is an Ask An Author interview, so I suppose you could quo

Ask An Author 3.0 #36

I don't know about y'all, but the weather here is a little wonky. 59 degrees Fahrenheit is a tad bit warm for February. Hold on a second... I think that's because we have a new Ask An Author edition that's hot off the presses! Eh? See what I did there? Aren't you proud of me? Nah, I can feel a few sets of eyeballs on me as I type this. I'll take the "boo's" in the comment section, please and thank you.  Anyway, new interview! I had the lovely opportunity to chat with @Lee Wilson and see how

Ask An Author 3.0 - A New Year!

2024... For some reason, I thought we'd have hover-cars and Futurama's tube transportation by now. Instead, I get a pinched nerve in my neck. Yippee! I'm not sure about y'all but I got a few resolutions to work on for this year. Speaking of resolutions, I think this is a good time to sit down and reflect.  In a few months, I will have been working on Ask An Author 3.0 for three years. It's been a fun ride with a few bumps along the way, including the one I tripped over when I realized I for

Ask An Author 3.0 #35

December is here, and you know what that means... There's one song I'll be muttering under my breath for the next three weeks. No, it's not Mariah Carey's Christmas song. The husband is already wanting to strangle me for singing Trixie Mattel's "All I Want For Christmas is Nudes" nonstop the past couple of days. But you're not here to hear me sing, and if you are, you've come to the wrong blog article.  December also means y'all get another Ask An Author! Let's see, lemme dig around. I know


astone2292 in Author Interviews

Ask An Author 3.0 #34

I bet I had y'all fooled. "Oh, no! Where did Ask An Author go? Did it fall off a cliff, possibly dangling off a railroad track like a cheesy action flick?" Well, the answer is no. The explanation is incredibly simple. Blame the antholo— I MEAN I was asked so kindly and sincerely to push this back a week. By the way, did everyone enjoy this year's anthology? Personally, I had a blast. Such great submissions to check out, so if you haven't yet, get goin'!  Anyway, y'all have waited long enoug


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Ask An Author 3.0 #33

October is one of my favorite months, right behind November. While the temperatures are still high, I feel autumn coming. That crisp and chilly breeze, the layered fashion trends, and countless s'mores over a campfire... I can't wait! Then there's Halloween, which I thoroughly enjoy. It's the one day a year where I can blatantly ignore my job's dress code. The apron, appropriately dubbed "my little red dress" remains at home while I don some sort of wig or silly outfit. What will I be this year?


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Ask An Author 3.0 #32

I have a list of things I'm great at. You know, for self-motivation purposes. Right at the tippy-top of the paper, in bold letters, "Totally forgetting important things." Silly me, forgot today was the first Wednesday of the month. Good thing my special guest today needs no introduction! Y'all know and love him. Let's see what kind of questions we got for @Headstall! • • • • • Boundaries Headstall 4 Chapters, 16,640 Words,    With this story and others of yours having


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Ask An Author 3.0 #31

Did everyone enjoy the Secret Author contest? I certainly did, both writing and reading. But now that it's the first Wednesday of the month, it should be no secret what's coming up. Time for another edition of Ask An Author!  This month, we have @Salander! Let's see what questions we got for 'em... • • • • • Salander 1 Story / 121,143 Words   What brought you to GA? I honestly don’t remember…I started following GA as a lurker back in high school (10-ish years a


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Ask An Author 3.0 #30

I'm not sure how everyone else is faring but this summer heat is no joke! Make sure you're drinking plenty of water and staying cool out there. My poor air conditioner's working its tushie off. Before someone argues whether such a piece of machinery would have a tushie in the first place...  Hey, look! Ask An Author time! While everyone is focusing on the Secret Author contest (psst, make sure you follow @Secret Author and check out the daily stories), I've been busy typing up the wonderful

Ask An Author 3.0 #29

Gah! Ugh! June! It's... so... HOT! I'm burnin' up, folks. Our poor little air conditioner at home can barely keep up. From muggy Kentucky, I hope y'all are finding ways to stay cool out there. Stay hydrated! You know what else is hot? This month's Ask An Author! We got ourselves an awesome author to feature. With over forty stories in their piggy bank, our interviewee might seem familiar. I had the absolute pleasure of chatting with @CLJobe! Scroll down and see what questions were asked. 

Ask An Author 3.0 #28

For the NSYNC fans out there, I hope y'all had a merry transition from April to May. As with a new month, Ask An Author comes to showcase a deserving author. An anonymous reader sent me a list of questions for @Laura S. Fox. Let's see how she responded. • • • • • Laura S. Fox 13 Stories / 1,588,251 Words    How long have you been writing gay-themed fiction and what got you started? I have been writing this type of story for as long as 16 years if I'm coun

Ask An Author 3.0 #27

If April showers bring May flowers, what do May flowers bring?  Pilgrims.  No? Bad dad joke? I thought it was hilarious.  A big thank you to the anonymous members of our community that BOMBARDED me with questions. Holy smokes... My inbox went from 29% full to 36%. Y'all are insane, and I love it. I have a pile of questions and responses to last me until October-ish. Maybe December. Regardless, I appreciate the site's involvement.  Let's get down to business. Now, it may seem

Ask An Author 3.0 #26

March. March! March!!! I doubt I'll be kicking off the month of March for GA like this any time soon, so let's do it in a fun and exciting way. I didn't have any questions via PM, so I had to put my workboots on and find some content. Fortunately, I didn't have to look far. With a slightly different format, I asked some wonderful questions for one of the site's exciting authors. This guy has one of my favorite stories of all time, and I revisit it frequently. Asking these questions brought much

Ask An Author 3.0 #25

I hope everyone likes contagious things, because I got a smile on my face. While I'm comfortable with my "resting retail" face, I figured I could put on a genuine one for today's sake. This month's edition of Ask An Author features one of GA's favorite authors, and is easily one of the kindest people on the site. Honestly, I've never seen the guy in any sort of negative mood. If I'm being even more honest, I firmly believe he's an actual horse that has learned to write stories on a comically lar


astone2292 in Author Interviews

Ask An Author 3.0 #24

Many thanks for @wildone for covering for me last month. I didn't want anyone to think I had a big head to write the article where I answer Ask An Author questions. Speaking of big heads... Oh dear. Gay Authors community, I can confidently say none of you are ready for this month's edition of AAA. I know I've said that in a previous article, but this time, the seams might actually rip with this one. This is, without a doubt, the most difficult edition of Ask An Author 3.0 I have ever writte


astone2292 in Author Interviews

Ask An Author 3.0 #23

OMG, where is Aaron   If he lived up here, he might have got hit by a snow plow, but down where he lives that is not very likely. Or is it?   Someone told me that he was stocking a shelf when the whole aisle collapsed on him and he was by himself. Then they say he saw all the spilt liquor and couldn't bare the idea of all the good spirits going to waste. So injured on the floor he started slurping up everything he could get. Luckily he was lying at a low point of the store floor so all


wildone in Author Interviews

Ask An Author 3.0 #22

Another month has come and gone. Over here in Kentucky, we're actually getting some autumn weather for once. I'm used to going from intense heat to severe cold within a week. No need to immediately break out the heavy coats. However, I am getting used to coming up with innovative ways to freshen up Ask An Author. No questions came in this past month, so we're switching things up.  We're going back to interactive. When we didn't have questions last time, our authors and readers asked and ans


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Ask An Author 3.0 #21

Whoa, whoa, whoa! Hold on there. That's not the right title, is it? Ask An Author 3.0 #21? Nah, nah, nah, nah, nah, nah!  Batman.  All jokes aside, there's a good point in my confusion. Is this even legitimate? I need the official AAA rulebook because I'm pretty sure what's about to go down is so off the beaten path. If you haven't already guessed, we don't have questions this month.  At least, not for an author. Guess again! It's not an Admin, Author, Promising Author, Signature


astone2292 in Author Interviews

Ask An Author 3.0 #20

Are you ready for the best intro to an Ask An Author article? I certainly am! Honestly, it could be a great title to the series we're featuring this month.  "Ask An Author, Charlie Boone!"  That's right! We got a set of questions for @Geron Kees's wonderful series, Charlie Boone. Even if you haven't read any of the stories, you've probably seen the titles in the Story Archives. With twenty completed stories, I'm sure it was difficult for our anonymous reader to only ask four questions.


astone2292 in Author Interviews

Ask An Author 3.0 #19

Well, well, well... This silly, overused introduction that sparks an uneasy feeling into weak hearts. Maybe I should add a slow-clap. Ehh, it's also overplayed. Anyway, I must say I'm proud of y'all. My tease of dropping Ask An Author into the fiery pits of Mount Doom encouraged some of you to ask questions. What I did not expect was the surge of comments from last month's altered edition. Some of you even messaged me, asking for more of the comment section-driven pandemonium. Further discussion


astone2292 in Author Interviews

Ask An Author 3.0 #18

It's come to this. The scrapings from the bottom of the piggy bank. Jeez, I don't even have a dust bunny to share with y'all. Well... That's it, I guess. Curtain's coming down. We're callin' it a day. No sense in delaying the inevitable.  ... Pfft. Nah. I'm invoking "Take Backsies."  I can't just throw in the towel. Time to innovate things! It's a few days shy of July, but I think we can have Christmas early this year. Before I go any further, allow me to soapbox a bit. I w

Ask An Author 3.0 #17

Holy crap, I'm late! Well, not late late. I don't think Noah and I are ready for that kind of commitment. Maybe in a few years. Ooooooooooh, if Renee sees how late this is, I'm sure she'd throw something at me. Enough rambling; got's to get right into the interview! We have a wonderful and exciting story by an equally awesome author. @kbois I promise a bottle of your favorite stuff is on the way! • • • • • Spirit Wolves kbois 27 Chapters / 125,766 Words / Rating: Mature / Status

Ask An Author 3.0 #16

I swear we just had it! Where did it go? Did it fly away, or whiz past our eyes? Oh, well! April's gone and she won't be back until next year. Now we have May, and what a day to post the next Ask An Author! From this Star Wars fan, May the Fourth be with you.  While the featured story may not take place in a galaxy far, far away, we're still treated to a bit of fantasy. Welcoming back @C. Henderson, we'll be trading lightsabers for vampire fangs. Although the story's status says Temporary H

Ask An Author 3.0 #15

Ah, the first week of April! A fresh rain. Blooming flowers. The head-jerking reaction you'll have when a bee flies too close to your face. No? Huh. Guess that's just me then! I've never cared for bees, if I'm being honest. The memory of stepping on one barefoot when I was little is forever imprinted in my brain, and I've been careful to never get stung by one again. That, and the husband's allergic.  Anyway, on to more important details. It's the first Wednesday of the month, so let's Ask

Ask An Author 3.0 #14

I'm not sure about everyone else, but the weather in Kentucky's starting to warm up a bit. Well, at least for the moment. The chilly breezes were welcome for a short while, but I've had enough snow and ice. I'm ready for summer! Bring out the swimwear and IPAs! But you know what else we need? The March edition of Ask An Author! I'm all smiles with this month's featured author, although he might hunt me down after this introduction. One of GA's Signature Authors, Big Daddy @Carlos Hazday! An
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