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Latest Update and Story Announcement

Johnathan Colourfield


More of a focused update here.


Womans Game 2: Posting begins 23rd September for 7 weeks (Nov 4th - Last week)


After November 4 - i shall be posting a BRAND NEW story!!


Its title is:


'House No. 654: London's Best Little Whorehouse'



Pearce takes pen to paper and decides to tell his story. He didn't know how anyone would take it; but it was time for the world to know what happened to him inside House 654.



The plan is for the story to be finished by November 1st and then have it edited so I can start posting it on the 18th November for 10 weeks (January 20th 2013 - Last Week).


So lots of new updates for GA in terms of my work and for a longer period :)


In addition to this, I shall be posting a short story towards the end of October with help from a few other authors. I also plan to participate in all of the 2013 anthologies.


Also, I shall be posting the results from my creative writing class at uni on GA smile.png


So all good news and so excited to share what I have with you all!




Johnathan Colourfield xx

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It almost sounds like you'll be too busy for chat :P


Looking forward to reading your stories, though!

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