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Writing Update

Johnathan Colourfield


Hello There Guys :)


I thought it was time i did an update on my writing blog on GA :)


Good news! I have decided to plow ahead and post the second half of the woman's game when i arrive at university so that will be 8 weeks worth of posted stuff for you :) The story comes in at around 24k :)


In other news, I'm taking a creative writing class this semester so I'll be posting the results from that and submitting some of my work from GA for my portfolio :)


I have 3 stories in process which I will finish eventually :) Each will roughly amount to 20,000 words :)


Not much more of an update I can give really :)


Just gotta get motivated with writing :P Someone motivate me xD


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Cool. Hope you get some good result with your writing class. Sounds like pretty good you've laid out everything. :)

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