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As GA celebrates its tenth anniversary, I thought I'd share some things. Point and blank, unedited, and unprovoked.


When I first came to GA, I came looking for a place to be able to cross-post my stories, to find a wider scope, a bigger audience. As I arrived, I found something very different, and yet very scary at the same time. I had seen GA in passing many times, never looking deeper than the front page; originally I thought it was a site I needed to pay to use and moved on. But once I got past the original registration page, months later, I realized that they included premium content, which was cool. Anyway, I'm going off base.


When I first arrived, I went into chat, found someone by the name of Cia. I was nervous, thought my story wouldn’t fit the style of the site; boy was I wrong. Thanks to Cia, Bugeye, and Krista, who listened to my concerns with a keen eye; they urged me to post and to see what happens.


So with that, I took a leap of faith forward and after some extreme editing on my part, I posted the first chapter of 'The Journey of Jacob and Kyle'. Not only was I welcomed with open arms, review’s and likes out the door, I felt like I had found a special place.


As the months went on, I continued to post, and gained many friends because of it. Instead I find myself cross posting to other sites now, nifty was never my home, but a lifeless shell of some freaky people, who had scared me away once before.


Now I consider GA my home, a place of comfort and acceptance. Encouragement especially. I thank everyone, all those who’ve read my stories, made comments and the likes. For I’ve found a place to call home. Let’s give her another ten amazing years.


Thanks to Myr, the mods, and admins involved for giving us [authors] a place to feel welcome and needed. Especially those who are now published, who are still down to earth and willing to lend an ear. This is where I’ll plant my cot and lay in the shadow of all those better than I. :)



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Well said( hugs Andy). The feeling of acceptance is one of the best feelings you will ever have. Keep writing so we can all enjoy.:)

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GA is about this warm fuzzy feeling inside that you get, when you drink a cup of hot cocoa with mershmellow that your mamma made for especially you, while sitting beside a roaring fire in cold blizzerdy night, reading Hans Anderson's Fairytales. GA is home.

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GA is definitely unique among all these gay story sites. There truly is a sense of community here, that is lacking in many other sites.


Long may it continue.

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