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Puck's Story.... It was a Vacation Day



as many of you know Puck has been giving me a headache about writing his story, well I've got him pinned, skewered, and a roasting fire ready, but I really don't know what questions to ask him concerning his activities and whereabouts....


I know my readers do.


Please post your questions, or anything that has been niggling you about the entire series if you want so that I can get it cleared up in this installment.



Thank you for your assistance, it is much appreciated.


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Lugh, I hope you will finish this series since it's a good one. My questions... shall remain mine and may or may not be answered in time. Good luck with Puck, but you don't really need or want my help.

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I would like honest answers not some fucking tease. If you don't have anything positive to add, or care to answer the question then don't. Just don't.

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Lugh as a writer you should know that you write because you want to, or what you want to be shown. If YOU want to continue to do that series then do so, if you did not and do not then don't...


As to running out of answers and questions, then wait for your Muse.. even if she can be a bitch and leave you stuck...


This being said I have not read the series...

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Cele, it's not a matter of knowing what I write, when or where.... the series is being finished. I just wanted to make sure I addressed the reader's questions if they had a specific one... I have a whole list of things that will be addressed.


Input is not a bad thing.

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So...I want to know who rescued Puck, or did he do it himself?

How did he get on to the planet?

What's up with his skin changing colour? 

Will Bobby be ok?

Will Valdorn, Taloric and Kismet become a trio?

Are the Hanovers human?

I'm sure there are a bunch of other things that need to be resolved as well, but these are the main questions I was left with when I finished the story.

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