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Where to start is always the difficult part for me. What brought this blog update about is, my sleeping pattern has gone from bad to very good to bad again. All because I have too much going on in my head.

What am I juggling? Well, actually my life.

Stuby is first priority, his health, welfare and happiness is and always will be my first priority.

Joint second is the farm, and my friends here and on FB.

Next is my studies. I have my course material through now, and I need to get on top of it, before it officially starts in February.

Last is me, and it's always been that way, I have always put everyone else first, even before GA and Stuby.

That's not some "I'm the big man, or the martyr" It's who I am.

Now, all that in my head is too much, far too much, and trying to keep it all in there is causing the sleep loss.

So, something has to go. And looking at that list there is only one thing that can be lost, and that is my farm duties. Baz is live in and 24/7 if need be, Lukey is part time, but, always interested in more work.

Because of that and because of how well they know this place now, I'm handing over all the farm work to them. Once this batch of piglets have gone, there will be no more. I'm keeping the sows I have, and they will only go,once I go.

I'm so close to getting out of here, I want to clear the decks before I do.

I'm working with my shrink now to finding a way to clear my issues and hang-ups and depression. Hopefully without the aid of meds. I really don't want to go down that path.

So we will give that a try and see if I can clear enough space in my head so I can sleep once more.

Onwards and upwards as always.

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Do you try simple relaxation aids like valerian root supplements or melatonin? I'm not exactly sure what your issues are sleeping, regarding falling asleep, or staying asleep, but sometimes those help me out considerably when I just need a bit of a bump to help me settle so I can relax into sleep.

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Sounds like you are getting things in order Mark. Hugs, and I hope it all falls into place for you. Jo ann

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Hi Mark, I hope some years later, you’ve been able to juggle less, and be more about Mark... Please do, I have now, but didn’t for too many years, hope this finds you happy and well. John.

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