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What I care about and what I dont.



What I care about and what I don’t.


First of all I want to say GA is not just about writing and reading. It’s about people too.

The one thing I’m proud of, before I joined GA was the fact that I have the quality of acceptance.


I don’t care about:

Your colour, your looks, or your dress sense, you could wear trousers, dresses or walk round with knickers on your head. It doesn’t matter.

What your sex is or orientation, do you have a fetish for rubber or wax or just get off on having a quiet wank in a corner? Whatever it is, it’s none of my business and makes you, just that….. You.

Do you have a god or not or believe in whatever. Again, none of my business, and as long as you don’t try and convert me. Do as you please.

I don’t care how much money you have, do you live in a big rambling house a tiny flat or a shed? It is none of my business.

What about disabilities, deformities, issues and hang-ups, mental or physical health? Once more that’s your business.

We are human and different, and what makes us different is who we are as individuals.

I think I’ve covered everything there, and if I have left anything then that too, doesn’t matter to me.


Things I do care about.

How you are today, and what makes you tick, I’m fascinated with how people live and who they are as people. Not because I’m nosy or need to know everything. But just what makes you...You.

I care about if you are happy or sad, can I help in some way?

Do you need an ear to scream at or whisper something in confidence? Do you need a smile or a hug, or someone to give you a quick kick up the jacksie and tell you to quit whining and get on with it?

I was told once that I have the quality of not only listening but hearing too, or maybe the other way round I can’t remember. The simple reason for that is I care.

Your life, all of you, is so very different from mine. And with each new friend with their life story, enriches my own.

I have never been in a room with more than five people in it, and two of those were little girls.


I guess the point of all this is just to say, come one come all. If I am not busy with my farm or with my man. Then I’m all yours.

I’m out of here. Hugs all :hug:

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Caring is a sweet gift

Like a Spring updraft

It is a refreshing lift

So mysterious and kind

It eases the burdens on your mind

And touches your heart too you find

Just when you think

Life is dark and at an end

You most feel the sunshine of a friend

Caring is the gift they send

Gentle cure that helps your heart to mend

A soft shoulder on which you can depend


Jamest T. Adair 1/21/2010

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I thought the poem above is apt for you mark. Caring is not a state of mind. It is a reality. There are not enough good natured, caring people in our realm. Caring is a unique blend of those attributes that make us human. It is true to say that caring has its rewards. It takes a special person to care for strangers. It takes courage and a willingness to hear and to listen and to advise with the risk of becoming involved. A person who cares for another is like a hero: he is not threatened by the risk involved. He is not interested in the reward. He is only interested in another's well being. With it comes the joy of kharma and the beauty of existence.


A friend loses a lover. He is down and blue. The caring nature hugs.


A loved one loses a friend to death. His grief is imminent. The caring nature absorbs that grief.


A business goes bankrupt. The owner is distraught. He will lose everything. The caring nature helps to rebuild.


A bully shows no remorse until a caring nature shows him how to cry.


A lonely man is on the threshold of giving up. The caring nature gives him guidance.


It is the same with a person who has been mocked and scorned for his sexuality his whole life. The caring nature does not judge for it is not perfect. No one is perfect. Therefore no one should judge.


These are instances occuring on a daily basis. Lucky are they who find the caring nature.


A person who is blessed with this nature is not perfect. He may have problems of his own. But he has the strength of character to help, to show wisdom. To unmask his own fears.


Mark you are blessed no matter what your belief is. No matter you have been to hell and back. You are always there.


And You have my deepest respect.






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Thank you Louis, I see the same qualities in quite a few here. You too have such an outlook :) My love and respect dear friend :hug:

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Well Mark, you just about covered all the bases , and you are a very generous person. I thought it was interesting that you chose to write this today, because just yesterday, a friend here read between the lines in my status, pm'd me and asked if they could help. We chatted back and forth, and I really felt better after the talking we did. And if that person sees this, in case I did not say so, thanks for the open and willing ear. I also have an open ear if anyone feels the need to vent or just wants a neutral opinion on something.

Great post Mark! :)

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Every once in a while you come across a pure gem of a person. They are few and far between.


People that do not read between the lines, have no hidden agenda, are happy and cheerful regardless of their own circumstances and make the kind of friend that you've always dreamed about.


I think that its really admirable the qualities you speak of. Acceptance of a person regardless of our petty prejudices is a fantastic trait. The ability to listen and hear is a great asset in a friend.


These are things we can all do, but choose not to for whatever reason it may be, so when you find someone that isn't like the rest of us, its rare, heart warming and special. :)

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Thank you Marzipan :hug::wub:


Hey Joann Talking has always helped me, even when nobody is listening. Join in on the depression thread now and again. Someone always needs an ear, a shoulder, hug or a nice steel toe capped boot. :)


And my dear friend and fellow Yorkshire man Yettie :hug: I ran out of likes but I owe you one buddy :) Since you joined I found a new friend and hopefully a long lasting one.


Thanks all :hug:

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Good post.




I think as much as we'd like to want to believe we don't actually care about someone's lifestyle, dress sense, religious beliefs, physical appearance, intelligence, sexual fetish, ability to make money, health, etc etc....none of us are Jesus Christ. Whether people choose to accept it or not, every little thing and the sum of all of it that make up a person is subject to go through our critical minds and that can be on however subconscious of a level you'd want to call it. It's not about acceptance, it's more of...I dunno, the ability to discern...and its what separate us from animals. But I suppose we do our best to be as accepting as we can be...but not every little piece of copper is a shiny new penny.


So as much as I'd like to pat you on the back and join the chorus, I'm going to call bs. In my honest opinion, the most a person can legitimately say is not so much "I don't care about this and this and this" but rather "I'm going to do my best to not let this and this and this get in the way of me trying to get to know and/or like a person", and there's a difference.


I'll straight up say that I do care about all those things you "don't". But it's not like I'm going to say "oh you believe in this kind of God, I'm not going to talk to you"...no, that's not how it is at all but that kind of thing will add just a little slight bit to how I feel about whether or not that person is sane enough to talk to. You throw some Scientology in with having crazy weird sex fetishes, dressing like a bum and having mental issues...sorry, I'm not going to care at all about "how are you today" or "what makes you tick".


The part about you listening and hearing is good though. Not many people do, it's definitely a good quality to have...but go out and see the world, Mark. And get in a room with more than 5 people. if you can Skype and have webcam sex, and write the way you do on GA, you can do more. And just as a side note...you're kinda strange, but not in a bad way per se but just that the some of the things you say and post don't exactly match the image you put out on here. Juss sayin'

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My baby, you are the most sincere, caring and loving people I have ever met, you wear your heart on your sleeve and you say what you think, focus on that and stay positive, don't let others put you down. I love you my angel :hug::wub:

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I'd also like to add that what I say doesn't need to be taken at face value. I write things from a single stream of consciousness and it's not like I gave it thorough thought and intended on insulting or undermining anyone. And I'm just a random dude on a random internet site...take what you will from me and if you don't agree, either say "I don't agree" or just ignore it...no need to feel butt hurt.


My style with people in real life or online is straightforward...I talk openly about a lotta things and if I don't agree with someone, I'll say it and I'll say why and maybe it can lead to a good discussion/debate. I don't just tell someone "you suck" and even if I do, I'll probably list out all the reasons why i think so and even so, it's probably tongue in cheek anyways.


I'm in a weird mood, so I apologize if I sound like an ass. To be honest, I'm not a huge fan of the big pile of sugar GA can be sometimes with all the "omg you're such an incredible person (even though I have no idea who you are at all) and i just wanna hug you and let's all just hug and sing kumbaya til the world becomes a better place, I'll always be here for you, you're such a good friend, hug, hug, hug x 4000"....please....I guess where I'm from and the kinda life I live, people tend to act a little more...composed. I'm not used to nor do I enjoy seeing groups of guys give a whole new meaning to sap. But I get it, everyone's got a different life and a different style. I'm not here to say any one is better than another.


So yeah, no offense to Mark, who I get is probably 100% sincere in this post. I'm not saying you're not a good guy Mark...I just found a kink in your post and picked at it for fun. Again, no need to feel like I just attacked you or your whole sense of self. One random person's opinions should not by any means make you feel like you've just been ran over by a pack of elephants. I do apologize if I made you feel that way.


I appreciate the PMs coming my way...

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Thanks Carrington :hug:



Now Y_B, You dont know me as well as some of the others, my past makes me who I am. What you call "Scientology" was my attempt at making it more light hearted. I didnt write the post for pats on the back or anything like that. I was simply stating a truth, and the things I dont care about, I really dont. Yeah admittedly I'm strange a little weird maybe. And maybe I dont come across how people think I should.

In the depression thread I write how I feel and it helps. I've got so many hang-ups and issues, little rituals I play out every single day, would seem odd to anyone. But they stem from my past. My past, not yours or anyone elses. I am who I am. And for the record I've been out and about. I have seen people and met people.

I will admit to the first post hitting hard. It did feel like an attack.

The reason Stuby sent the PM, was he was with me when I read your post, and he loves me. I didnt tell him to write it. I have never asked anything from anyone, apart from help with my writing. I dont ask for sympathy or pats on the back. GA is a life line for me. Enough said.

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Best self-definition I have read in a long time.

And you should be proud because, more than anyone I know, you made who you are.

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Wow, so many people in this world need to read you’re post. Honesty, sincerity above all fairness, you’re a pretty special guy, tell that man of yours he’s a very lucky guy for us all.


feel all enlightened now, I should go and save someone’s cat from a tree (ok urban myth joke) nah, but I get what you’re saying, I’m lucky enough that I at times get to help people when their world has just turned to total crap... it’s not a all about me statement, I life to help, people if I can, I’m lucky enough to be able to regularly it’s good for the soul.


have an awesome day, I’m going to now after reading you’re blog, John. 

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