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Featured Story: Come With Me



This week's "Featured Story" is actually a "Featured Poem". Dark gives us a wonderful review of Promising Author Jian_Sierra's Come With Me. We thank Dark for this review - and if you can help us with a review, please let us know. We're especially in need of reviews of Hosted Author and Promising Author stories. Thanks!









Review by Dark
Status: Complete
Word Count: 326


I chose this poem because although I have no knack for it myself, Jian’s poetry always finds a way to speak to me. I feel that poetry deserves to be read aloud and this poem is one that I would love to hear one day.


These words Jian have assembled would make a wonderful forward to any story. This is a light-hearted, wheedling entreaty for one and all to share in a writer’s world, to connect with the characters despite cliffhangers, plot twists, and unlikeable characters.


The summary doesn’t really do this one justice; instead, I would place words from the poem itself:


Let’s embark on a journey / To a world in my thoughts
… So will you allow me / A few minutes of your time?

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Wonderful poem, but this author's writing is absolutely beautiful, and if you have not read it, you are missing wonderul stories.

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