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Weekly Wrap Up!



ANNOUNCEMENTS: Edit to Add: The Winter Anthology Desperate Ends is NOW LIVE! Check it out through this link! The Special Mayan Tribute Anthology "End of the World" deadline is one week from now, on Friday, Dec 14th. Also, Cia will be taking over these Anthologies for now, so please contact her if you have any issues - thanks!


We have launched our second new Premium Story this week with Empty Corners by Comicality. This story will alternate weekly with Challenging Fate by Renee Stevens, which launched two weeks ago.




Our feature story this week was Author Mark92's Let's Make Love and was reviewed by joann414. Mark is really becoming one of our sites more interesting writers and I encourage you to check out this piece.


On Wacky Wednesday, Libby Drew gave us a very well received piece on getting from a first to second draft, or as she called it, The Writer's Yellow Brick Road.


We ended our week with two new Prompts from Comicfan - "The Note" and "The Holiday". I encourage you to check them out and maybe try your hand at them.


So - how was your week?


Anthology Announcements:

  • Winter Anthology "Desperate Ends"- Due Dec 8th - DUE TODAY (SATURDAY)
  • Special Mayan Tribute Anthology "End of the World"- Due Dec 14th



In Premium this week:


Empty Corners by Comicality


By our Hosted Authors this week:


Paternity by Mark Arbour, Book 12 of Chronicles of An Academic Predator (CAP)


Secret Life of Billy Chase 7 by Comicality, Book 7 of The Secret Life of Billy Chase


City Under the Waves by Nephylim


In the Arms of an Angel by Nephylim, Book 1 of Wednesday Briefs


Orphic Revelations by Cia


Adverse Effects by Cia, Book 2 of Saving Caeorleia


Hercules III by CarlHoliday


Odyssey by Mark Arbour, Book 6 of Bridgemont


Legacy by Altimexis, Book 29 of Naptown Tales


By our Promising Authors this week:


The Talents of the Fallen by JMH, Book 1 of Fallen


Angels Ascending by JMH, Book 3 of The Centurion Cycle


Have a great week everyone! Read, Write, REVIEW!!!

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