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Pre And Post Of Chapter 2 - 'a Letter By Francis'

Emi GS


When I was writing the first chapter of 'Suicide Note', it just came out like that according to the circumstances. Coming to continuing the story I stuck there. I don't know how to start and how to involve all new and existing characters into this platform. That's where I think a lot and finally I got what to write. The whole picture was displayed on my mind's imaginary screen.


Now coming to what to write first, I thought about it too. That's when it struck that I don't have to write about Davy to continue the story. So I want to give intro of new characters and their involvement with Davy and and how they are involved with all this scenario.


That's when the word 'Police' got into my mind and I searched online to know about some designations and all. And I don't wanna go into sections and all, because it sucks. After that I thought to involve Francis into it, after all I was writing a Gay Story. And I don't even know that Francis is a girl name till Kitt told about it. :lol:


Then I went on with the next chapter too. The next chapter fully involved with how Francis related to Davy and how he came out to his best friend, who is another new character here. The whole Davy according to Francis is going to be there in Next chapter. :2thumbs:


And I am sorry that I am not going to involve Davy for at least another two more chapters but all most of all characters intro is going to be there. By this You people will get an idea about what I am going to write in this Story. Hope You all going to like the Story and the chapters to come. :)


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Usually Francis would be used for a male and Frances for a female.


Thank you for clarifying My Doubt!!!

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