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Photos To Make People Laugh!

Caz Pedroso



Was trawling my photos and found a few that I thought would make people laugh.




This one didn't get away :lol: (2010)




I can fix it!!!! :P (2010)





My uncle didn't enjoy the music at my wedding reception (2003) :rofl:




I'm the one on the right holding the cup, I think I was between eight and ten here :wub:


Hope I made a few people laugh ;) laughing is good for you :yes:

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Laugh yes, but "Awww" too. Some very sweet pics included in this bunch. 


I'm with Lit. The last pic is really sweet. :heart: :heart:

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That one was when my Brigade won a dancing competition. I'm actually still in contact with a few of the girls too, one of them posted this on Facebook.

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you were looking really cute in the last picture Caz :D:hug: .....I would have adopted you if you were still that young :rofl:  

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Aww!!! :D I agree with everyone, the last one is so adorable! :wub: Can I adopt you? :heart:


you were looking really cute in the last picture Caz :D:hug: .....I would have adopted you if you were still that young :rofl:


Oh, trust me I was a little drama queen at that age (oh, wait, my hubby's saying I still am :pissed: ) Being an only child meant and still means, I like to get everything my way, or no way. :P


Glad you all liked them. :hug:

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