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Poetry Call In Aid Of The Orlando Families/survivors. .

Caz Pedroso


Calling all poets.


A fellow author, Lilly G Blunt, is putting together a poetry anthology. with all the royalties going to help the survivors and families of the dead. The suggested route for the money at the moment is https://www.gofundme.com/pulsevictimsfund but this has not been confirmed yet.


Details can be found in the Public Facebook Group Love is Love, but the main details are as follows -


This group is for contributors and supporters of the Love is Love POETRY anthology.
All royalties will be donated to support the victims/families in Orlando.
If you would like to assist or contribute in any way, please contact me or add a post below....


The fabulous Jay Aheer has volunteered to design the book cover.
Submissions can vary in length from one short verse to a maximum of 2000 words. You do not have to be a published author or poet to submit. I’m looking for poems that come from the heart and demonstrate your belief that LOVE IS LOVE.
Submission Deadline is June 27th 2016 (12pm BST) with the aim to publish before the end of July.
Please email your submission to:
Please include your poem, the name you'd like published, and your country.
It would be helpful if you could send the poem in Times New Roman Size 12.
Only one submission per person at the moment, please.


Please note - you do not have to send in your real name if you're not comfortable.


My thanks go to the Admin team for allowing this post and to all the poets that have sent poems already.


Added 18/6/16


In response to a question from a member Lily has confirmed the following in regard to royalties going to the charity.


All proceeds does in fact mean all the royalties received. If we charge $2.99 or more per ebook on Amazon, ARe, Smashwords etc the fund will receive 70% of that cost. Amazon and the other publishers will retain their 30%.


For the paperback, CreateSpace take a larger chunk of the final price because they have to produce the physical book. I hope to ensure we receive $2 profit per paperback.


I will also make a statement soon on how I will make the royalties/proceeds and payments visible.


Can any other questions please sent directly to Lily, as I have work all next week and may not be able to act as a go between so people can still get their submissions in on time. I will of course make every effort if I am needed however.

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  • Site Administrator

Thank you for sharing this :)  I need to work on a poem now.  

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wait, royalties are not the same as profit on the book...can you clarify, please ?


I'm afraid you'll have to contact lily. At a guess though, it will be listed through amazon and the royalties that are paid to the publisher will be sent straight to the charity. Amazon automatically take out their cut before the author/publisher is paid. All art work  for the cover and other editing/proofreading/formating are being donated for free. 

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Thank you for the thought that we could be some help... I am working on it already... :thumbup:


Thank you to Admins for allowing us to put it here... :)

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Do you know if she's accepting free verse? I don't often write with a specific style, but I'd like to contribute. :)

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Do you know if she's accepting free verse? I don't often write with a specific style, but I'd like to contribute. :)


All types of poem/verse are accepted

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