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C S R Discussion: The Life Of Seeon By Comicfan



Can you believe the first month of 2016 is almost over already? Well, it is! This month’s feature was a story by our prompt guru, Comicfan. The Life of Seeon is a fantasy tale DrPaladin called “very imaginative”. Did you read it? Share your thoughts with our other readers or feel free to ask Wayne your questions about his writing and this story.


By Comicfan


Think back, way back. Can you remember what brought you to GA?
Honestly, I was looking for something to read and my computer brought up a story by Lugh. So love me or hate me, I’m here because I joined to comment on story of Lugh’s.


What was the last story or book you read/are reading?
I read constantly. Right now I’m in the middle of Dead Heat by Patricia Briggs. This part of a series that was suggested to me by a friend. I’m always looking for something different to read. We pass books back and forth; it allows me to find some great stories I might otherwise never have learned about.


What advice would you give newer authors, now that you’ve been at it a few years?
There are three things I would suggest to anyone who wants to write. First, read. Reading helps you to increase your vocabulary, introduces you to new ideas, and allows you to see new ways to present things. Second, listen. I know it sounds easy, but it isn’t. Listen to what people say and how they say it. Sometimes, by listening you learn what people won’t say. This skill helps you in life and when you begin including dialogue. Third, write. Take a few minutes everyday to write. Do a character sketch, write dialogue, or just a flash fiction piece. You can’t improve or expand if you don’t have something you created. Editing comes later, but for now, write.


What do you like to do when you’re not writing?
My favorite things to do besides write are cooking and keeping in touch with my friends and family. So I’m often cooking something up in my kitchen—soup, a main meal, or some sort of dessert. Otherwise, because I often have insomnia, I write out postcards to stay in touch with people. I am constantly trying to find something new that has something I enjoy on it. I’ve sent postcards with Harry Potter, Alice in Wonderland, Tom and Jerry, the Flintstones, dragons, and even unicorns on them.


How do you come up with names for characters? Mashing syllables? Name generator? Baby websites?
It depends on the story. Usually, my characters are named after people I know. Although I will go looking for names occasionally that emphasize what I am looking for. Seeon came about because of a TV show, where this woman was breaking down her name and exaggerating it, altering how it was pronounced. Sean became Sea-n which became See-on or Seeon.


Are you a plotter or a pantser?
I wish I could say I was completely a plotter, because it would make my life so much easier. I start with a character sheet. Who are they, friends, family, and what sort of problems? For a short story I plot it out. However, stories have a tendency to grow and I find I follow where the character wants to take me.


Is there any subject you just won’t write about?
Abusing a child is an absolute no in a story.


The Life of Seeon is a fantasy story. Is there a specific fantasy element in the story you must enjoyed coming up with/using?
The technology used in Seeon is fun. The scanners Oma uses, the walls coming to life with flowers, and the way both cultures use the technology and sciences they have. The Waza family sees it as a tool for all, while the Toleran Empire sees it as power.


What’s your favorite part of the story?
Seeon’s growth. You watch as his life is constantly ripped apart; he should be angry and mad. Instead, he greets with world resigned to make the best of whatever comes his way. He expects nothing, but you can’t help but be happy for any piece of goodness that comes his way.


You recently finished The Life of Seeon. Is it complete or is there a sequel in the future?
The Life of Seeon is complete. I don’t know if I will pick up Seeon and Mika to continue the story as I originally planned. My life hasn’t allowed me the time I wanted to finish the projects I started, so until I can, I don’t want to make promises I can’t keep.

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I loved Seeon's story. 


Reading about him coping with the many changes in his life and still remianing mostly calm. 


I hope a sequel comes eventually but real life always has to come first. 


I also enjoyed beta reading the last few chapters. Can't wait to see what Comicfan comes up with next. 

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I read this stroy and I could get so mad on behalf of Seeon! He was treated so terribly and just accepted it, since it was his lot in life. Then his growing hope of something better... I was so anxious for the last chapter. 


I really enjoyed following Seeon this journey and sometimes I think it would be fun to hear more from him. At the same time, I understand the need to end things. When you're done, you're done. But a prompt response perhaps? :)

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I would have liked to find out whether his new understanding of things ever got back to his brother. I really hated the fate of the twin sisters, what a terrible waste.

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I'm sorry I didn't get a chance to read this, but it's still on my list.  I love how you came up with the name of Seeon.  lol 

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Well as the epilogue points out, his brother wanted more from Seeon. However, Mika blocked it. Whether Seeon's family will try again, the future is unwritten.

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Just finished the story. Thanks. I liked it.


Seeon is coming from a strange land with strange customs.

Having been more or less neglected as a useless (but still Royal) child, he has missed a normal youth.

With Mika he now has time to be himself and a friend/man to make up for a lot of things he never could do before.


And yes like some others (you already read above) there are some open ends in the story I and others are curious about...

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