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Prompt Me! #496 & # 497

Renee Stevens


Happy Friday, Y'all! Who's ready for a couple of new prompts? Can't believe it's already the last Prompt Me for April. This year just seems to be flying by. Remember, if your prompt response is less than 1,000 words, it can be posted in GA Stories as long as it's part of a collection. Now, let's see what comicfan has for you this week.

Prompt 496 – Creative
Tag – First Line
“Why are you looking at me that way?”

Prompt 497 – Creative
Tag – The Star
You were the best of friends growing up. While you were the shy quiet one, he was the athletic outgoing one. In the middle of your junior year of high school his family moved away, but you stayed in touch. Now as you finish college, you turn on the TV to find your old friend has been signed to star in a multi-film deal based off the hottest book series. He has announced he is also going back to his old hometown to surprise his best friend with some important news. What is it?

Our featured prompt responses this week are from Prompt #494:

Something was off.


Normally, the wolves always had reasons to drop by in the evening, asking Colt whether he needed something, mostly in the hope he needed company for the night. But this evening there was nothing like that. Colt had been able to read the legal assessment of setting up a subsidiary in Brazil without any interruptions. Partly he was glad – lawyers had the cunning ability to be totally unclear in their desire to be totally clear – partly he was starting to wonder what was going on.


“We’re going to trash those cheese-eating surrender dogs,” Sam shouted, not as loud as he had wanted given he scented Colt’s presence.


“They’re professionals, so let’s not underestimate them,” CE cautioned, cracking his knuckles with anticipation.




Roman scanned the bar. The piano bench was still empty, the spotlights off. It seemed the whole room was waiting for Martin, just like him. For whatever reason though, the man was taking his time, and Roman was getting more and more nervous. It made him wonder if that was exactly what Martin was aiming for.


The fucker!


When the door behind him opened, Roman turned around to see who was coming in, anything to not stare at the empty stage any longer. A tall, blond man had entered the bar, holding the leash of a beautiful German Shepherd dog. After taking two steps into the room, he made a short movement with his left hand and a thin, white stick extended. A blind-man stick.


With his eyes fixed on Roman, the dog led the man directly to him. Soon his stick knocked against the empty barstool on his left. “Is this seat taken?”



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I actually have an idea for 497. I just hope I have the time to write it. And that it's any good once out of my head.

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