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Writing Prompts #502 & #503

Renee Stevens


So this week, I had to set up the prompts from comicfan a little early, because I'll be out of town. (Ha! I'm not even here and yet I'm still doing the prompts, go me!). I'll be featuring the responses to Prompt #500 today, but if you did the prompt and it's not posted here, it's nothing against you, it's just that it wasn't up before I set up the blog post. Feel free to share them in the comments if you'd like. Don't forget, that if you post your prompt responses in GA stories, anything under 1,000 words cannot be posted by itself and must be done as part of a collection. Now, let's look at the prompts!


Prompt 502 – Creative
Tag – List of Words
Use the following words in a story : a cop, a statue, a ship, a pink ribbon, a bag of candy.


Prompt 503 – Creative
Tag – The Exhibit
You were told by your lover that you had a date Saturday morning and you were to dress up. When the time comes you find yourself dragged to see local museum to see an exhibit of your favorite eork. What was the exhibit on and what happened?


Now, lets look at the responses from our 500th prompt!


“What took you so long? And what have you done with Nelson?” Rob didn’t sound annoyed as he left the group of girls and sauntered over to meet Eric at his car.


The younger teen was relieved. Saying goodbye to Nelson had taken longer than he thought. His lips were still tingling and his fingers remembered the silky feel of his boyfriend’s long hair.


“He’s gone home with Jasper. Sorry about the wait.”


“It’s OK. I was beginning to wonder if you had eloped with your lover.” Rob unlocked the doors and both Perry brothers got in the car.




What took you so long?


Why do I say that? So many possibilities aren’t there? So many permutations, it’s like asking, what is life?


Okay, so maybe it isn’t exactly like asking that, because there obviously can be reasons something took so long, or why you had taken so long. For example, the bus was late or the cake decorator had to mix up another batch of that special red you had to have. But still you have to admit there could be a myriad of reasons.


Good, well I’m glad we finally agree on something.




“What took you so long?”


I’m looking up at the night sky, not really expecting an answer. Its dark out, and the stars are shining brightly up above us. Not so bright as to illuminate us; we’re laying on a blanket, staring up at the night sky. My right arm inching its way towards your left.


I’m hoping for an answer, but I’m terrified at what you’re going to say. How do you answer a question like that without saying something that totally changes a relationship?




‘What took you so long?’ hundreds of people seemed to think the moment the music started. Nonetheless, the illustrious guests complied with tradition and rose impatiently to their feet to await the bride’s entry.


The moment she strode through the church doors with an esoteric smile, unbelieving gasps filled the sacred halls. Tall like Demeter, white skin like Athena, shaped like Aphrodite, big-eyed like Hera and precious like Eos, the bride stepped on the red carpet, with her incredibly proudly smiling father guiding her to her future husband, Major Fink, waiting visibly elevated at the altar.



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