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Writing Prompts #500 & #501

Renee Stevens


When I originally wrote up the Prompt Me blog, I have to say I was a little bummed that no one took up the Special Prompt that I gave for Friday the 13th. Then, later last night, Valkyrie saved the day when she posted one, so I just had to include it! On another note, did anyone else notice that we've reached 500 prompts?! In celebration of that, I decided to share ALL prompt responses that have been written in the last week. Enjoy!


Prompt 500 -Creative
Tag - First Line
“What took you so long?”


Prompt 501 – Creative
Tag – The Surprise
You have a major birthday coming up and you don’t want to celebrate. However, every day leading up to your birthday you have found a little surprise at your job. What were the surprises and who was giving them to you?


Now, let's take a look at who wrote a prompt response last week!

I flopped on the couch in a huff after turning on the TV. Instead of the Friday the Thirteenth movie marathon I had planned with my friends, I was forced to watch some crappy made-for-TV movie while I babysat my little cousins. Some relative I had never even heard of, let alone met, was getting married and my out-of-town relatives needed a babysitter. The girl that they had lined up bailed at the last minute, leaving me the only one available to watch two little kids I had never met before. I was introduced to them briefly before they were toddled off to bed. That was the only saving grace of the evening. I would get paid to sit on the couch, watch TV, and gorge on snack food.


I chewed my popcorn sullenly. How many teenage guys were stuck in on a Friday night babysitting instead of hanging out with their friends? If the taunting I had already received was any indication of what was to come, I thought I’d go hibernate for the rest of the school year.




Poets will come and poets will go
And leave our mark with words we sow

Oh so anxious to see them grow
Just a little hoeing to make them flow

Planting syllables in the fertile ground
If no one reads them will they still sound?



Brian felt uncomfortable. What did he know about houses? How would he assess whether it was solidly built or a death trap in the making? And weren’t CE or Prime much better qualified to do this?”


He sighed when he stopped the truck in front of the advertised address. He had started to like driving the car although it made him look – very – redneck. But he didn’t mind Prime had ordered him to become the designated driver, as his reaction speed seemed to be even ahead of an alpha’s. But checking out houses?



I clutched the cold porcelain, as I was seized by another full body heave. My body seemed hell bent on getting every last drop out of me. Not that I’d had anything to eat and hardly anything to drink since yesterday morning, so there really wasn’t much. Still my body kept trying. And trying…

When I could relax once more, I hung limply over the toilet seat, no longer caring if it was disgusting to be in such close proximity to it. It was cold. Cold felt good on my skin. Then it slowly started all over again.

“No, no… You’ve got to be kidding me… Please, no more…” No amount of talking to myself could stop this. I felt my stomach contract once again, making me feel like I was attempting to turn myself inside out. This time, there wasn’t even bile left.



"Why are you looking at me that way?" That voice startled me.


The lean and fit body in front of me made me forget I was standing in the middle of a locker room full of nude bodies roaming around me. I got so mesmerized by that physique, it made me forget that I could easily get caught by anyone. Or worse, him.


"Are you like... checking me out?"


His cheeky grin made goose bumps all over my body. I think I started to get aroused under the towel tucked around my waist.


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And here I thought my lateness would mean no feature for sure! Thanks for putting my silly sci-fi in there!

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  • Site Administrator

I'm glad I was able to get the special prompt written in time to be featured. :)  Thanks!  I did notice the prompts had reached #500 when you posted them yesterday ;)  :D :D :D  What a nice milestone to reach :)

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For a moment I thought I had forgotten to list my chapter for prompt 496. :o but then I realized I'd already done it last week. What a relief ! I'm always nagging JAR about listing his Meta Prompts; it would have been so embarrassing if I'd made the same mistake. :*)

I'm definitely doing something Rob-related with prompt 500. :yes:

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This is personal I am getting confused here someone please help me; how can I know if I am gay or bisexual. I feel good and better with men but irritated and fatigue with women am I gay or could I be bi?

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Thank You so much for including my story Renee. I am Happy to see last week's all prompts are shared here, especially Gary's Poem... :)


Congratulation to all for the milestone we crossed. And Thank You once again Renee... :)

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