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Writing Prompts #514 & #515

Renee Stevens


I hope everyone is having a great week! It's time for this weeks prompts, supplied by our prompt guru, Comicfan. Just a reminder, and for those who haven't worked with the prompts before: prompt responses under 1,000 words must be posted as part of a collection. Hopefully you'll find something in this weeks prompts to spark an idea and get you writing!

Prompt 514 – Creative
Tag – First Line
“Where on earth did you find that?”

Prompt 515 – Creative
Tag – Fairy Tale
This morning you woke up and knew something was wrong. As you’ve gone through the day, you realize you are in a fairy tale. The problem is the sex of the characters seem reversed except a few. Do you decide to play out the story or change it to become your ideal fairy tale?

For this week, I decided to feature the responses from Prompt # : 512 & 513

Thomas wandered through the thrift store, not really looking for anything. Outside, a thunderstorm was raging, and waiting for the already-late bus outdoors didn’t appeal. It was clean and tidy, this thrift shop, not like some, so Thomas felt comfortable here. A simple but thorough hand washing afterward, when he’d arrive at work, would suffice, though he knew he’d still launder his clothes when he got home. Thomas had taught himself, with the help of some therapy to manage his mild obsessive-compulsive disorder so he no longer had to carry multiple changes of clothes. He looked at his hands and decided an extra thorough scrubbing of his cuticles would be in order also.

His favorite thing to look at in any second-hand store was the china department. Thomas collected pretty china, like sugar bowls and milk jugs, miniatures and things like that. But today, today he spied a jar on the top shelf; it was gray and gold, and as he moved closer he noticed it wasn’t a jar at all. It looked more like a clay pot with a lid.



“Marked for Ascension, I see.” Felix tapped a few buttons on his computer and robotic arms picked up my car and began working underneath. “That makes sense then.”


“What makes sense?” Elian asked. He fingered the sunburst on his forehead.


“Why someone would cut your brake lines. They failed because you lost all the fluid. You designate your successor?”


Elian gaped at him. “I-I did. Every lottery winner has to before Rising.”


The mechanic shook his head. “I’m real sorry to hear that.”



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  • Site Administrator

I have an idea for the first line prompt.  Hopefully I can get it written this weekend. :)

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Just don't understand, why 'first line's always pops ideas into my brain... :unsure:

You should do the fairy tail one, Emi.

Sign, your Fairy Tail :gikkle:

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You should do the fairy tail one, Emi.

Sign, your Fairy Tail :gikkle:


Then, I think I better do that too... ;)

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