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Writing Prompts #510 & #511

Renee Stevens


I hope everyone is having a great week! It's time for this weeks prompts, supplied by our prompt guru, Comicfan. Just a reminder, and for those who haven't worked with the prompts before: prompt responses under 1,000 words must be posted as part of a collection. Hopefully you'll find something in this weeks prompts to spark an idea and get you writing!

Prompt 510 -Creative
Tag – First Line
“Do you really think he did it?”

Prompt 511 - creative
Tag – The Child
The neighborhood has gone strangely quiet since the new neighbors moved in down the street. Even the nosey lady across the street has stopped talking and seems to keep her blinds closed now. You have no idea why everyone is acting so odd ‘til you meet the neighbors child. What is so odd about this child?

For this week, I decided to feature the responses from Prompt #508:

“There’s something you need to know about me before we move in together.” Alexander fiddled with his hands and looked at the ground. His normally pale face was decidedly red.


I took his hands in mine and was surprised to feel them trembling. My boyfriend was always so stoic; not much rattled him. The lunch we had just finished sat in my stomach in a large, undigested lump. I hoped my smile was reassuring, despite the sinking feeling I wasn’t going to like whatever Alex was about to reveal.


I squeezed his hands, then kissed him. “You know I love you, min svenska björn. Whatever it is, we’ll work through it.”


He nodded, then rose from the couch. “I hope you mean that, Sven. I love you too, and don’t want to lose you, but this is something you really ought to know. I’m sorry it took so long to tell you, but I didn’t want to scare you away. You’re too special to me.” He walked into his bedroom and closed the door.


“Good morning, Doctor Shadow,” the nurse whispered while she took off her light, blue coat, not sure whether her boss wanted to be disturbed. It was only September, but the wind up North was already foretelling the harsh winter in front of them. It would show whether the newly planted evergreen trees at the entrance were to be squashed under the masses of snow or stand a chance to grow to the majestic size like on the mountains around them.


“Good morning, Amanda,” the doctor huffed, finally looking up from his file. The parents of patient 635 would visit to him in half an hour, and he’d better be up to date on the latest sessions of psychological evaluation of one of his most lucrative patients. Thankfully they looked as bad as his bank account, helping him to fix the later. Of course, that was only a secondary motivation; his first and foremost duty was to help his patient to recover from his dangerous hallucinations.


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  • Site Administrator

Thanks for the feature, Renee!  Hopefully I'll have the energy to tackle one of the new prompts this weekend.  :D

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I was thinking about these and the weekly prompts provided because I saw so few comments here. 


I wondered how the person who spends their time thinking them up and offering them feels ... it's an effort to do them. 


Anyway I just want to say, that while I don't use them every week, I do read them and that two of my favourite characters came as a result of a prompt. So thank you very much for your time and effort.



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  • Site Administrator

no weekly wrap-up ? how do we know it's been Sunday without it, lol.

I know!  My week is all thrown off now... ;)  :gikkle:

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