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On Valentine's day, the day when the world turns its mind to thoughts of love. Love. Such a small word, but means so much.


I love my partner. I love my son. I love my friends and extended family. Heck I even love my ex-boyfriend and chocolate. But do I love the same? No. I love them all with the same intensity, but not the same way.


Humans today get hung up and think only of the romantic meaning of the word love. We should never feel weird or ashamed to say that you love. The world could use a little more love. Just like you should dance like no one is watching, love like you've never been hurt. 


Happy Valentine’s Day everyone, I love you all.



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Wait... you love chocolate the same amount as everything else?  This seems very wrong.

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7 minutes ago, mogwhy said:

very good chocolate and for brief moments while eating it:gikkle:

Exactly - yet still you only love it with as much intensity as everything else! :) 

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Thank's Moggy I understand with the love and intentions gave... it is so important to have the expressions of feeling to know that deeper feeling, of love so we love with the intensity of that love... I love the boys with every fiber of my being but not In love... that they sense and it allows me to help with the struggles of there life... It's so precious to be able to know the proper types of love and share with others the love they need to continue on... well spoken and very passionate and clear...!!!! :hug: And Moggy I love you also... Hugs...:hug::heart::heart:

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