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Holiday Time

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Its so easy to fall out of the holiday spirit when you’re missing someone. the lights look dimmer. the wind is just a bit colder and you feel like nothing will ever be the same.


Nothing will BE the same. A piece of your heart is missing. Maybe it was opened up to make it bigger, to hold more love. Ask yourself, would they want you to hide from the world and cry? Or would they want you to remember how much they loved?


@droughtquake said something so beautiful in the Lounge the other day. If you can't find the Spirit of the Season within yourself, reach out and do something for someone else. Spread the love you felt in the past, into the future. You might find a piece of the Spirit you lost.


Love to you all


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Giving is the most important part of the holiday season for me! When I was a child, it was all about getting things. As I grew older, I loved giving gifts to my nieces and nephews. Now that they’re all adults, I’ve turned outwards to people outside my family.  ;-)


Having been homeless for two years (and housed for the last five years), I’ve been donating things to one of the organizations that assisted me when I had no money or resources. I’ve contributed in the past to my local food bank, and to the local police/fire fighter drive to provide toys to needy children. There are many more deserving organizations than I can afford to donate to, but always make sure that the group(s) you support would support you in return (eg no to the red kettles).  ;-)


As an Agnostic, I don’t always identify things in those terms, but I do feel it’s important in any case. Thank you for the mention, mogwhy!  ;-)

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That was beautiful, Moggy. :hug:    You made me tear up this morning (in a good way)


@droughtquake  I think you’ve tapped into what the true meaning of the season should be. :hug: I’m glad you found help when you needed and that you’ve given back once you were back on your own two feet.   

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i also wish this Spirit of goodwill could last all year long. it shouldn't be put away with the Christmas lights. everyone thinks to donate to the food pantry at Christmas, then come April, the shelves are bare.


when i belonged to a church many years, the Outreach team wanted to go Christmas Caroling during the season, but was have a difficult time scheduling it. so many had the same idea. i looked at the team and said, "i have a suggestion; why not put it off til Easter and go Easter Caroling". dead silence. "it's never been done before" was the answer. "why not? let's ask the home's activities director". the women thought it was a great idea! no one ever thinks to do stuff except at Christmas time", so that next spring we went Easter Caroling and had the time of our lives. the smiles we got were sweet rewards. 



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