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Prompt 748 and Prompt 749

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The weather is getting warmer, the flowers are blooming, and the grass is growing. So it is safe to say Happy Allergy Season! I mean spring, right, happy spring. Oh well.

If between your yard cleaning, house cleaning, and life, in general, you might find time to write then I have some new prompts to tempt you with.

Prompt 748 – Creative

Tag – The Ring

As you finished your final task at work, your retirement lay moments away. A knock at the office door found you staring at a strange man who stomped over and dropped an envelope on your desk. “All yours, bud,” he grumbled and left. Inside the envelope was a ring and instructions telling you to wear it and prepare for a major change. What do you do?

Prompt 749 – Creative

Tag – List of Words

Use the following in a story – a striped umbrella, a blue bicycle, an Egyptian statue, a murder of crows, and a small coin.

As with any prompt story, it should be part of a larger collection. Did you write a response to one from last week? If you did feel free to share the address for it below.


There was one prompt story, and that was Tim taking a stab at an old prompt.



Remember to read, write, and comment. 'Til next time, be safe and enjoy life.

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