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Prompt 750 and Prompt 751



Is it me or are things off? There are major storms, both rain,  and snow, across most of North America. There are a few weird animal happenings like a shark being saved in South Africa after going after a bird. There is even my order of postcards getting lost in the mail! Oh well. We shall press forward and focus on writing.

How is your writing doing? Is everything going smoothly or are you uninspired? Might I offer some new prompts to you? I might have something to tempt you into writing a new novel or at the very least a new prompt story.

Prompt 750 – Creative

Tag – Genie

During a dig in Turkey you uncover a lamp. The side is covered in an ancient Alembic writing. You decipher it but it seems to make little sense. It seems to be a list of odd directions. Carefully you copy them down and they tell you to name three people, make three wishes, but make none grand. The wishes will double, reverse, and the last words you cannot make out. You rub the lamp but nothing happens. Then you follow the directions, saying your wishes out loud then naming three friends when smoke billows out of the lamp filling the small area making it hard to see. A genie stands before you and begins granting your wishes. You get your first wish and the first person you named gets it twice as much. Your second wish is granted and the second person gets the reverse of it. What happens with your third wish?

Prompt 751 – Creative

Tag – The Garden

You thought it was just an abandoned garden when climbed the fence and dropped down into the garden. The weeds were as high as the corn. It wasn’t until you plucked a tomato that you noticed the garden itself was tended but two inches beyond it had gone to seed hiding most of the tender crops. A moment later a hand gripped your arm like steel and your world changed forever. What happened?

So those are the new prompts. Did you do something with last week's prompts? Share the connection below.

Remember to read, write, and comment. Enjoy life. 'Til next time.

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Thanks!  These are both excellent! And yes, i agree. Things do seem a bit 'off' and weird lately. That should serve as inspiration too!

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