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Prompt 808 and Prompt 809



Is it me, or is this month just flying by? Here we are at another Friday and hopefully things go well. I do apologize. Last week was a mess of mistakes. Seems I mis-numbered the prompts and then I didn't post them in the prompt thread. Not one of my best moments. However, all that has been corrected and I have new temptations for your consideration.

Prompt 808 - Creative

Tag - Partners

You were paired up to solve the murder of the little fairy. Someone must have gotten a laugh out of putting the male tree nymph and the young cleric together as partners. Now you have to solve the crime before the fairy's body fades away. What happened?

Prompt 809 - Creative

Tag - First Line

"Touch me again and I'll rip off all of your appendages and feed them to you. Understood?"

So do either of the prompts catch your attention? If so, then go write! 'Til next time. Remember to read, write, comment and like.



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