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Staff Prompts #3 & #4

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So that was a great Ask An Author from @Carlos Hazday! So, for this weeks Staff Prompts, why not reach out to someone, anyone, and ask them if you can do one of the prompts as a team? Could be interesting ;). May be even the start of something special 💓

Prompt #3 - Creative brought to you by @Cia

Creative Dialogue:

"What's in that bag and why are you hiding it there?" My already racing heart tried to leap out of my throat. I tried to say something, anything, but gibberish fell past my lips. "I asked you a question." He punctuated the words with a poke to my chest. 


Prompt #4 - Creative brought to you by @wildone

Creative Scene:

It is fast approaching the holidays, and you are a solider stationed overseas. You haven't had any contact with family or friends for about a month due to logistical obstacles. 

What will you do to help you though the coming weeks?


Now if you want to partake on either of these, make sure to visit the topics in the Writer's Circle to post a link to your work.

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Prompts after my story is finished-Prompts after my story is finished-Prompts after my story is finished.

I really, really like #3

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