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Featured Story: Do You Remember

Renee Stevens


Happy Monday, y'all!  I'm running behind and really should be sleeping, so I'll make this quick! Its time for a new review, if you haven't already read this story, check out spikey's review and then go check out the story!

Do You Remember


Reviewer: spikey582
Status: Complete
Word Count: 56,780

Perhaps I’m a bit of a romantic at heart, but sometime I just really need to sit back and enjoy a more lighthearted story, something that has me smiling as I read. Life has been rather stressful for me of late, and so when I do take the time to read something, I really do prefer something that is a bit of an escape from my daily stresses. Do You Remember by ObicanDecko, was just that kind of story for me.

This story follows two young men, Alex and Jeremy, who meet at a summer camp in their early teens, and become fast friends. The camp ends, and they go their separate ways, with promises to keep in touch, but of course life gets in the way. They are reunited by coincidence ten years later, and begin to rekindle their connection.

All that being said, this tale isn’t without its conflicts. Alex has had to move back home and drop out of university, seemingly a failure with serious financial problems. Jeremy, though realizing his dream of opening his own bakery, and doing what he loves, is also living a bit of a double life, hiding who he really is from his family. Then of course there is Brandon, the wealthy, attractive, eligible bachelor who has his sights set on Alex. 

Seeing how all these characters interact, how they navigate the challenges set before them makes for a delightful read. There’s some definite bumps along the way for these men, but joining them through their journey, had me constantly smiling throughout, and there may be been a single manly tear or two as well.

If you are looking for a bit of fun drama and romance, this is highly recommended. Check it out. 

Category: Fiction  Genres: Drama, Romance  Tags: teen, young adult, gay, coming of age, coming out, love, friendship  Rating: Mature

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Posted (edited)

Definitely a feel good story. And the few bumps along the road that @Renee Stevens mentions were part of what made it feel so good. After all, what's the sense in a story with a HEA ending if everyone had always been happy?

Edited by Marty
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8 minutes ago, Carlos Hazday said:

I read it first thing this morning. :)

Thanks buddy :glomp:

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I think I've read this story (the baker and the home coming guy rings a bell). My memories of it are fond, and your review inspires me to a revisit.

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