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Featured Story: Songs of the Heart

Renee Stevens


Well, its the start of another week! I hope you had a great weekend. Today, we're featuring a review of Songs of the Heart by Jordn87. 

Songs of the Heart

Reviewer: spikey582
Status: Complete
Word Count: 27,938

It’s been awhile since I last posted a review in our Featured Story blog, and I actually spent a lot of time debating which story I would review next. Then in June, Jordn87 reposted an updated version of his story Songs of the Heart, and I had my story. This was a story that I actually started reading on his initial posting back in 2017, and for one reason or another lost track of it and never finished. So, his reposting gave me the chance to revisit the story and see how it all ended.

This story reminds me of a great many stories, that I feel were common place on the GA of yesteryear. That’s probably an odd way of describing it, but it’s a story that starts out as just a basic character drama, before it escalates into an action-packed thriller with multiple cliffhangers to keep you reading.

It begins with Brady Jordan, a successful recording artist, returning to small town roots, to face his former best friend and bully victim Ness Rodriguez. Brady fled the town they lived in after high school, to get away from his abusive, ultra conservative minister Christian father. In the process, he left behind Ness, the boy he tormented throughout high school, who he was also secretly in love with.

Wow, just writing out that bit of synopsis, it gives a pretty good idea of the complications and complexities involved with just the two main characters interacting with each other. In only gets more complex from there, going beyond Brady and Ness dealing with their interpersonal issues, going into sinister plots, and a town with a very dark secret.

I will say, Songs of the Heart is not a perfect tale, and I felt some of the conflicts were resolved too easily, but that being said, the action kept me interested, and I was pretty much on the edge of my seat for the entire second half of the story. It has a bit of that gay soap opera feel that, as I said previously, reminds me of a great many GA stories of the past.

Does a romantic character drama blended with an action crime thriller sound appealing?  If so, I invite you to check this out.

Category: Fiction  Genres:  Adventure, Romance  Tags:  adult, gay, religion, modern, love, suicide, friendship, interracial  Rating: Mature

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