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Anthology Entry Revisited: The Seven7h Magpie

Renee Stevens


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Due: October 31, 2021

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The Seven7h Magpie

Author: @lomax61
Theme: Shadows

One for sorrow, two for joy, three for a girl and four for a boy.

Five for silver, six for gold, seven for a secret never to be told.

I am sure many of you, like me, learned this children's nursery rhyme about magpies. According to an old superstition, the number of magpies seen predicts whether you will have good or bad luck. Something I came across subsequently, was the existence of many variations on this rhyme, some more sinister than the children’s version.

One of those is incorporated into this short story about boyhood abuse.

Reader Comments:

chris191070: Well certainly not your normal fair. A great story using the nursery ryme that's make the sad story, mind blowing. 

84Mags:  It’s hauntingly wonderful.  Imaginative, creative, and heart wrenching.

Valkyrie: This story was captivating, chilling, creepy, and oh so good!

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