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Well...Here Goes Somethin'!



Howdy. Well, this is my blog. And I don't know how blogs work. 

I'm Aaron. Overnight grocery stocker. Raised in southern Indiana by fire and brimstone Catholics. Taught by a troop of ninja Boy Scouts. Love carbonara. Not a fan of second-hand embarrassment. Can always go for a beer and a dart. 

And I was just joshin' ya. I know how blogs work. That's just me sprinkling in my dreams of being a comedian. A lot of people never take me seriously. It has something to do with being a five foot, six inch tall lumberjack with a high-pitched giggle. But that's okay. I know a joke when I see one, even if it's self-deprecating. That's one rule of life that I'll hold dear to my heart:  you can't be serious all the time. Live a little, laugh a lot. 

With my job, I have plenty of time to do some self-reflecting. Working on a singular grocery aisle, opening box and box, stocking jar after jar, it allows several story ideas to cross my mind. I thought of a new prompt, and there's something there. A spectre/ghost has lived his life wandering the planet over the last few decades. He has watched the living enjoy their moments of happiness, and their times of low. From addicts getting their next fix, to little children playing. But he's never been able to truly be a part of either, because he is trying to understand humanity. The story would involve severe reflection upon his new findings and how he could possibly find his place in such an estranged world that he could never physically connect with. I imagine the concept would be fairly dark in theme, but rays of sunshine would be sprinkled along the way.

It was from mental wandering during work where my posted work became born. Daydreaming has always been an issue for me in school, but coming into more recent times, creativity has caused my fingers to fly. Typing out Love in the Shadows is my first serious attempt in storytelling, writing, editing, and showcasing of my ability. But it's been a while since I felt ambitious. And that's what GA has done for me. Since I believe in fair business and trades, I figure it's time for me to put more effort in. This is a phenomenal community, with solid leadership and courteous members. Plenty to read, write, post, and reply to. And boy, do I like lots of stuff to do!

Well, I think I'll settle on this for a first post. There will probably be more posts like this. As this was the first post, I put my suit and bow-tie on. I usually have more silly and/or dark thoughts that get turned into jokes. If you like to see my true self, head on over to Dear, Grocery Shoppers and see how much of a terrible person I really am! Trust me, it's great! Toodles!

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