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Prompt 854 and Prompt 855



Another week is nearly over and so is January. Where did the time go? Time for some new prompts!

Prompt 854 - Creative

Tag - Snow

You've come home early due to snow. There is already four inches and it is still falling. The problem is your town is in the middle of the desert, and the temperature has gone from 90 degrees to 31 degrees and it is supposed to be near zero degrees by sunset.  What happened? 

Prompt 855 - Creative

Tag - First Line

"Wow, is that what you really want?"

So there were some who took a shot at last week's prompts.  For Prompt 852, @Mikiesboy wrote a great one. Give it a read here - https://gayauthors.org/story/mikiesboy/onlyprompts/27


So what do you think? Did you like one of the prompts? Hopefully, next week your prompt can be featured. Until next time. Remember to read, write, comment, and like.

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855 is perfect :)   i will use that to continue from 852 ... thanks Wayne ... you have really inspired me with these. Brilliant.

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