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First read the lyrics:


Gold Lion by The Yeah Yeah Yeah's

(Or listen to the song.)


Gold lions gonna tell me where the light is

Gold lions gonna tell me where the light is

Take our hands out of control

Take our hands out of control

Tell me what you saw

Tell me what you saw


There was a crowd of seas



I must of done a dozen each

You was the height I grew

Wait the show is crushing you

I've been around a few

Tell me what you saw

I'll tell you what too


Gold lions gonna tell me where the light is

Gold lions gonna tell me where the light is

Take our hands out of control

Take our hands out of control




This is a moon without a tide

We'll dim the fire in your eyes

We'll dim the fire

When the colors

Gettin' brighter

Cold as I

Makes a move without a tide

Tell me what you saw

I'll tell you what too


Three days ago I was driving to work and I was listening to "Gold Lion" by the Yeah Yeah Yeah's. I got so into the song that I forgot that I was on a very busy road where children were people were driving during rush traffic. So I ran a red light because I was too busy singing to actually realize that I was crossing an intersection.


Then after my initial shock I was Like (this is very stupid mind you) Damn I need to listen to that song again. So I play it again and I nearly sideswipe a couple of bikers. I got angry so I rolled down my window and I yell at the bikers, one of which flips me off.


So when I reach my job I sat with a co worker and I let her listen to the song not knowing that my boss hates that type of music. He calls me into his office and proceeds to grill me on how I should use discretion when I listen to my music. "Not everyone likes this type of propaganda music," He says. My boss is a very conservative guy. I mean in the very extreme sense of the word. So I tell him that the song is not really political and it's not hurting anyone, because it was on my ipod and not on the loudspeaker or on a radio.


He then tells me that maybe I should listen to it at a lower volume. I really didn't want to get into some big fight so I told him that I would and I walked away. Mind you this isn't over not by a long shot because an hour later he is playing his own annoying deep country music that I was quite sure had a very derogative comment against women so I got angry and I saw my chance when I saw his superior walk in. I asked him what the policy was on music and he told me that there wasn't any as long as it wasn't played too loud. I asked him what about the ipods? He said he didn't have a problem with those. So I told him what my boss had said. He got pissed because we could hear his own music from where we were and his office was closed.


So he walked into my boss' office and the next thing I know my boss was walking out very angrily. I had gotten him fired and I really didn't want to do that. Other than this I had never had a problem with him before. So his superior walks over to me and said that he was here because he was going to fire him anyways. Apparently he had done something really bad. I didn't want to pry so I didn't ask what he had done. So were expecting his replacement soon.


Then during lunch I found myself listening to that song again. It had definitely grown on me. My friend Jonathan bought me it on Itunes, saying that I needed to listen to it. This is when I decide that I should take a walk. I was listening to it so hard that I was almost run over by a dump truck. I think that maybe I should stop listening to this song. So I stop and I pretty much have a normal day after that. Then I go to my house where I find Chaz and David And Steve and Selene and Chaz's brother watching the songs video. I was like oh no not again, so I walk away.


Chaz walks into my bedroom behind me and looks at me weird and I can tell he's shaking. Then he gets on his knees and proposes to me. I was like oh my god no, I mean yes I mean we need to go now and I pull him out of the house. I needed him to come with me.


Since our really bad valentines day week fiasco I have been entertaining the idea of proposing. Even if we can't really marry right now, but the idea feels right so I bring him to my car and I drive him to my mother's house where the ring I had bought him was.


Right in front of my mother I proposed to my boyfriend. I had to, he couldn't outdo me I wasn't having it. We're aiming at a fall commitment ceremony. :wub: Steve said he'd cater. LOL


Um our rings arent the same but I hate yellow gold so he gave me a white gold band. I gave him a gold one and where going to etch our names on them soon. So Gold Lion is either going to kill me or make me the luckiest person on earth.




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Guest Blue-


Aww How cute! sept you almost well the song almost got you killed and stuff lol but Congrats too you! :wub:

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Aww...I'm so happy for you two! I'm so ecstatic that you guys are back

! I missed you for a full 2 days! ;D


Best wishes to you two!




P.s. I haven't heard that song yet, but i'm going to download it now...hehe. ;D

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