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Luc's Dementia

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Thinking out loud



I sometimes like to say nothing. Meaning I like to speak, but not actually say anything. I accuse my son of liking to hear his own voice, but he gets that from me. Though I do it with the keyboard; he uses his mouth. My way is better since at least no one HAS to read what I don


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It is much easier to share your head online than it is to vocalise it with people you love offline, I find it easier talking about my past with complete strangers than i do with Jay who was there through most of it. I think it is a lot of the things you said about looking for signs of rejection, i even manage to do that online so I am much worse offline and yeah we create them even if they are not really there.


I don't ever feel like my relationship with Jay is less because of what I have online with you, and Jay has come to understand what you mean to me. If I had never met you I'm not sure I would be here let alone in a very loving relationship with Jay like I am now and being able to be open and honest with you and others online helps me transfer that to offline life at times. When i see it's ok to be who i am and not be rejected for thinking or feeling a certain way then i feel more able to share that with people offline.


I think sometimes we just need the security that talking to someone online offers and it cannot be a bad thing if it helps us deal with issues that will ultimately effect our offline relationships.


:) ok will stop rambling *hugs you close*



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I know where I would be without you. You are on the other side of a screen, but your hands have held mine and kept me from letting go of my life on at least 3 occasions. Perhaps there are people who would not understand that, who would smirk and think that statement a bit melodramatic; but you and I both know it is true. As I also know what you have said in a similar vein is true.


Scott has an issue with my not talking to him about things, but he doesn

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