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July Classic Author Excerpt: Stuff People Do by Ronyx



Did you catch Monday's blog featuring @Ronyx story, Stuff People Do? It's a great binge read, and it has a lot of moments that catch you in the feels. Case in point...



I walked back over to the door and attempted to open it, but it was locked. I had to find a way to escape. There was no way I was going to stay and listen to Pastor Simpson tell me how bad a person I am because my dad thinks I am gay. Even now, I’m still not sure. I guess after what me and Ricky did last night kind of confirms it, I may decide tomorrow that it was all a big mistake. Tears again filled my eyes as I imagined what my life was going to be like until my father decides that I have changed. I lay on the bed and cried myself to sleep.

I awoke about an hour later, and I had to use the bathroom. I went to the door and pounded on it, but no one answered. Either no one was home, or they were ignoring me. I walked around the room, and I considered peeing into the trashcan beside the desk. I noticed a couple of doors I thought were closets. Fortunately, one was a bathroom. I rushed in, pulled down my pants and relieved myself. When I was done, I looked around the room. It was bare except for a linen closet with fresh towels. I looked into the medicine cabinet, but it too contained little. There was a toothbrush, toothpaste and deodorant. I assumed they belonged to the other person in the room. I was hoping I could find some pills. If I did, I was going to take them. That would serve my father right if they found me dead. However, he just might be happy that he no longer had to put up with me.

I went back to my bed and sat down. I thought, how can parents just give up their son so easily, especially when I hadn’t really done anything bad. I told them I hated them, but what teenager hasn’t yelled that at some time in their life? I did everything they ever asked me to do without complaining. Well, except for attending church with them. Besides, I knew that complaining would be useless. They didn’t care how I felt about things. They decided, and it was my duty to comply. Now, I’m afraid I may never be able to return home. I’m only sixteen, and I have nowhere else to go. I know I can’t stay here. I’m a prisoner locked inside a bedroom. I don’t even know where I am. I was so upset with Dad when he picked me up at Ricky’s house, I really didn’t pay attention when he was driving. I know it isn’t far from where we live, but it still would be a long walk, and I would probably get lost trying to find my way back.


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Thank you, Cia, for featuring 'Stuff People Do' this month. This is an important story about gay conversion therapy. I heard from readers from all over the world who had experienced it. Perhaps, it happened to someone here at GA. I'll be following this post, and if anyone has any comments or questions, feel free to jump in. -Ronyx  


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