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March CSR Feature: This Strange World Needs a Kicking by Laura S. Fox



March is a month for magic... of a sort. C'mon, any month where there's a holiday that features gold at the end of a rainbow has to be magic, right?! And this story has magic... of a sort. It certainly made me laugh, and I could use some of that. What about you? It's way longer than normal, but it's a recent-ish finish in the last year and it does tend to suck you right in. I hope you will enjoy Laura's story and come back to share your thoughts at the end of the month! 

This Strange World Needs a Kicking!

by @Laura S. Fox

Length: 182,757

Description: If only I got transported to another world like in those cool anime series – is what Kai Martin thinks when Milo, his best friend, suddenly confesses and asks him out.

Next thing he knows, he’s in a huge bed, in what looks like royal chambers, and there’s a handsome naked guy next to him. Who glares at him and asks him something about another round.

Another round of what?

And then, a guy in butler's livery walks through the door and looks at him like he just spat in his food.

A Reader said: I made the mistake of planning to read just the first chapter then go to bed..... I read until my eyes closed some 8 hours later.  I then carried on the next day until the very last word 

I laughed, I cheered and I absolutely loved this story.

Thank you so much for transporting me to a magical kingdom and a very happy ending. ~Blue Fan Lady

Don't forget to come back and share your thoughts on Monday, March 27th!

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Once again I have to thank you Cia for the feature.  I have so much fun reading Laura's stories, but hadn't got to this one yet.  

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Wow, thank you so much for featuring my story! Writing it was great fun, and I am so glad other people enjoyed it!

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I am going to have to read this one.  I have read some of the works of @Laura S. Fox back when I was almost never commenting.  A refreshing style of writing, and stories with interesting plots, and also humor in what I have read thus far.

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