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Weekly Wrap Up (Feb. 26 - Mar. 4)



I am always on the lookout for how to do the Weekly Wrap Up differently. Besides having someone else do it :o is there any ideas or suggestions on a different format, layout, etc? I'm curious what the 10's of you want to see ;).

I think I will do something that I haven't done before. I've totally mixed up the blog before. How about this time I do one completely in reverse :yes: (except the Premium Story which is new this week :heart: )

Sure, why not.

Here is the look at the past weeks postings on all our Authors and Poets!

Recently Updated 'Premium' Stories

  1. Paradox Lost by Libby Drew


Recently Updated 'Poet' Stories

  1. Thoughts of a Wolfpup. by Midnightwolfpup

Recently Updated 'Author' Stories

  1. Canaan Club by Westley D.
  2. Here Be Dragons, Charlie Boone! by Geron Kees
  3. The World Out There by Drew Payne
  4. Inherited by lomax61
  5. ARROW by CLJobe
  6. Violetta Cantagalli by Luca E **Complete**
  7. The Root Beer Boys, Part Two by gdaniel
  8. A Love to Last by vanalas
  9. Rainbow Falls Chronicles by Ajbt2001
  10. 593 Riverside Drive by RichEisbrouch
  11. The Undertaker's Devil by Refugium
  12. Chasing Rusty Parker by Laura S. Fox
  13. Backwoods Reflections by Backwoods Boy
  14. Travelling Vets by quokka
  15. Makarovia! Yes, I Know Where That is! Sophomore Year by R. Eric
  16. Coming Out by Tim Hobson
  17. The Root Beer Boys by gdaniel
  18. The Brotherhood: Awakening Book II by The Writer X
  19. Jamie - The Journey Begins by FSELL
  20. Pig-Boy and The Insectorator by Biff Spork **Complete**
  21. Higher Education by WolfM
  22. Men in Paradise by Vikki
  23. Hamilton Gode New Edition by Luca E **Complete**
  24. Incandescence by Demiurge
  25. The Window of Longing by Wolffang
  26. Ash's Marriage Trigger by Thirdly **Complete**

Recently Updated 'Promising Author' Stories

  1. Rocky Prompts, Tennessee by astone2292

Recently Updated 'Classic Author' Stories

  1. Great Restorations by Libby Drew
  2. Taking Off the Mask by Ronyx **Complete**

Recently Updated 'Signature Author' Stories

  1. Gap Year by Mark Arbour
  2. Capitol Hill - Summer of '22 Book VI by Carlos Hazday
  3. Escaping Kherson, a novella by AC Benus
  4. The Best Year by Krista
  5. A Home For Christmas by Comicality
  6. Broken Path, Starless Tail by Cia
  7. The Great Mirror of Same-Sex Love - Poetry by AC Benus
  8. Northern Exposure by Mark Arbour


Read, Write, and REVIEW!!! (Don't forget to Recommend too!)

The month of February is now over, no more, not another day, that's it! Shall we check in on our goals for that month:


I'm really getting into the Words of the Day lately. Some I had no idea on again this week :D 

zonked, zucchini, zircon, zwiebacks, yowl, graupel, persnickety

Upcoming Writing Events 

Poetry Anthology - Exploration!  All Submissions due Saturday, April 1 - get the information here!

Secret Author Story Contest! All Submissions due Saturday, July 1

Leap of Faith Anthology! All Submissions due Sunday, October 1


Saturday was a topic for Comicality that he has used before, but gave it it's own spotlight today ;):

Friday, Aditus threw down the gauntlet, so to say, and challenged others to write outside of the their usual genre on the given prompts:

It was the first Wednesday of the Month, so we all know what the means. Come on folks, send in an author and their story and some questions for the author to @astone2292, he needs some material. Heck, I'm going to wait until he gets answers from @Jack Scribe and @Don H :gikkle:  Okay, bad joke :unsure: 

Monday was the day to wrap up and have the February CSR Discussion Day. Did you read Crisscross Moon the past month or previously?


This actually was a bit challenging :o I don't think I will be doing it again :P 

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