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My real first month on GA.

Jeff Burton


I don't generally write many blog posts, I never really have.  I used to keep a journal in my teens and honestly I wish I still had them to fall back on to see how my thought processes have changed over the years.  Have I gotten better, have I gotten worse.  I joined GA back in 2006, because I was friends with someone who is now considered a Classic Author, but never really posted anything.  I was brought back again in 2011, 2012 but still didn't post anything.

I came back this time because I started rereading some old stuff, and sent an email to @Comicality, we knew of each other back in the day because I used to run an IRC network that hosted his Shack Outback Chat for a bit before life sunk it's hooks into me and dragged me down other paths. And he of course wrote back. If you have never taken the opportunity to email him you should.  He replies with veracity, and attention focused only on you.  The reason I wrote him was of course for a couple of his stories that I had first found on nifty back in the day in the late 90's and writing was something he had never stopped doing, which I'm thankful for because I wouldn't be here or writing this if he hadn't.  I won't go into details of what we bounced back and forth but he did suggest I come back here and try to write so I did.

With the help of Cia, (thank you by the way for all of your patient responses to my DM's), I managed to get a couple of items through the moderation queue and here we are.

I started with 'Salvaging the Road to Redemption,' which I started back in 2006 but never got passed Chapter 2.  Then started to write Jacob's Advocate, which I'm still blown away at the responses from, even with it's literary mistakes, sins and crimes, (I promise I'll go back and fix those.), and now Life in Suspension, which is different in tone than the other two is still ranking on it's own with the other two.  I can't even begin to explain how the reactions to what I've written have helped change me in the last few weeks.

It was my own self doubt in myself that kept me from posting things throughout the years, and I'm sure it's happened to many others, and maybe happening to people reading this now.  But thanks to a leap of faith in an email, and over coming my own doubts here I am.

I'm a work in progress, much like the stories and characters posted on this site.  I'm damaged, imperfect, and trying to find my place, like so many others. and that's okay.  I think I've finally found the outlet, the safety valve for all the pressures over the last few years and I just wanted to thank everyone involved including myself for making it happen.

If you're an author, keep writing. Your words have the ability to change the world, one person at a time.  ff you're a reader, keep reading because stories can help, feed, heal, and shape your mind and make you feel, and together through words maybe, just maybe we can help make the world a slightly better place. 

I can only get better in both myself, and my writing from here.

Thank you.

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2 hours ago, chris191070 said:

Keep writing Jeff, your stories are truly amazing and feel so true to life.

I will, thanks for showing the faith in me.

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Damage, imperfection, and works in progress, make for the most interesting and intriguing people alive. So keep going, dude! Be a legend, born of fire. ((Hugz))

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Just now, Comicality said:


Damage, imperfection, and works in progress, make for the most interesting and intriguing people alive. So keep going, dude! Be a legend, born of fire. ((Hugz))

You bet buddy, ((Hugz))

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