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In an effort to preserve my sanity, I'm taking a break from packing. I can't believe how much crap I own. You can't walk through the living room or the bedroom, because there's boxes and suitcases and trash bags everywhere. At least I know if I forget anything I'll be able to get it back. Some of my stuff is at Mark's parents' house, being stored, so we can't not ever speak to each other again. He has been nice enough to help me some with the packing, although honestly most of the time he's more of a hindrance than a help. I'm trying to quickly sort through boxes of random crap and see what belongs to who, and he stops to examine things, or suddenly decides that right now is a good time to try to organize what's left in the closet. Needless to say there have been plenty of squabbles. But he's off to work now, so I've got to finish up alone before my parents show up here at the crack of dawn. He's being a total coward and staying somewhere else tonight so he doesn't have to talk to my parents. If I wanted to be a complete asshole, it'd be a good time to steal some of the movies and stuff I want...damn conscience. On the whole, this has been a little easier than I expected, which makes me feel like it really is the right choice. I'm worrying more about stuff like money and being alone than anything that specifically has to do with him. Although I did find this little box I've been keeping forever. It's got stupid stuff in it, like a sugar packet from our first date and movie tickets and pictures and so on. I couldn't bring myself to throw it away. It's not that I think we'll ever get back together or anything, it's just something I can't explain. Maybe it's "too soon" or some BS like that.


Anyway, I've been finding all kinds of weird stuff that's been missing forever. My copy of the 6th Harry Potter book, which has been missing since like last August, turned up in the bedroom closet, in a box that was inside one of those big lawn trash bags. (No, I didn't think it was weird that there was a big trash bag in the closet. We have no storage space so that's what happens to all the old clothes that I keep telling myself I can fit into again some day.) Also in this box was a remote to this little tv that my mom has, and some Halloween decorations. So I'm not the most organized person in the world. I think it's my little way of rebelling. My mom has these extensive files on everything in the world. I could ask her how much she spent on groceries in 1979 and she could tell me within 5 minutes.


And finally, before I get back to work, I've decided on a school. (Unless that one that I STILL haven't heard from offers me like a full scholarship or something, har har.) It's in Rhode Island, and the town looks almost disgustingly quaint, complete with a lighthouse and everything. I admit I'm holding out a little bit of hope that it turns out to be like Stars Hollow. Everything I know about New England pretty much comes from Gilmore Girls and Stephen King. Anyway, it's not the most prestigious place in the world, but it's good enough for me.


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For your sake, I hope its more like Stars Hollow with querky characters like Miss Patty, then Derry with that creepy clown (aka It).



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Hi Val,


Ok, I have no idea what Gilmore Girls' hometown is like (can't say I have really watched the show) But I am betting you like Rhode Island....now, here is the thing with law school...um, you won't see much past outside the law school any way....(at least for the first semester) except of course when you venture to the bars (there is always a bar or 2 or 3 or 4..well, you get the idea) near law schools...its sort of mandatory....so past the dorms or apartment, the law school and the bars....fear not..plus, Rhode Island is nice..


now, as to the prestige factor....pffftttttt...Ok, just screw it...here is the thing....what is taught in law school is taught in every law school (as long as its American Bar Association Acredited, which I am sure your law school is) Given that fact, I say if you get decent financial aid and aren't paying student loan debt for the next 50 yrs..who gives a hoot...(there I cleaned that language up) cause you learn the same thing everywhere....and all that matters in the end is you pass the bar exam (there's that word again....and oh yeah, bars will be necessary during that time too) It still irks me that they don't give you the bar exam after the first year of law school (the Multistate bar part of it...the 200 questions from hell) that everyone takes every where in the country is on the five of the six law school subjects: 1. real property, 2. constitutional law, 3. criminal law and criminal procedure (ok you may learn criminal procedure the 2nd yr), 4. torts, 5. contract law and 6. evidence (that you will take either 2nd or 3rd yr) you learn in the first year of law school and will totally forget by the end of the third year of law school...and its all a money maker with preparation courses anyway.....grrr..


now, here is the other secret (you will learn the "practice" part of the law from good paralegals and legal secretaries...) and here is the other part..you have common sense and compassion....you will be fine.


I say save the memory box.....its kinda neat...boyfriends of the future will come and go and come again, the memories are what you will keep.


here is to your Mom not turning your blue hair grey....but Happy Mum's day to her:) since she is the proud Mum of you:)


Good Luck on the move (and I totally understand the concept of putting something in a place I swear I won't forget then forget where I put it.....)



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