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What a Borg



I now officially have an unhealthy Star Trek habit. I was having this really nice dream last night, where I was out on a date with some tall, dark, handsome guy, and everything was going great until suddenly...he's assimilated by the Borg! :lol: Of course the night before that I dreamed that I was slaying vampires with a machine gun, so who knows. I don't suppose I have any underlying violent feelings or anything. 0:)


Yes, I know this entry was completely pointless.


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Guest Rob Hawes


I can see how that might ruin a good date. :P


I've studied dream analysis and have analysed dreams for a number of friends over the years. Dreams often contain messages pertinent to your daily life and are an important way of uncovering feelings you may not want to admit to. I have considered this dream and can quite honestly say I'm stumped. It reminds me of a dream I had about hedgehog-people armed with crowbows chasing me through sewers - completely barmy with no apparent meaning.


They do sound like very exciting dreams though. :D

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I've never studied dream analysis but I always thought that your dreams were you subconsious talking to you and trying to put into place all the things that happen in your life.


Mind you, I've had weird dreams...like I was chased down the street by a friend who was flying a blue and white airplane. Every time I ducked between buildings and houses, he would follow me. And then there was a horrible dream/nightmare about big dogs getting their throats cut (eww), but the strangest dream I ever had (that I can remember) was about my black and white cat that I had at the time. Although in real life she was desexed, in the dream she gave birth to a white puppy. In that dream, we had a white dog at the time but in real life, we had a black and tan dog. :blink:


Val, if I was going to analyse your dreams, I would venture a guess that they were connected to the traumatic and stressful events that seem to be in your life at the moment. And that what you think was going to happen one way, it changes before your very eyes e.g. the date turning into a machine. And in the dream when you are slaying the vampires, it says to me that you are trying to control things around you and live your life best way that you can, even if it seems unconventional at the time.


But then again..you could have eaten some bad cheese before you went to bed :P



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Lol - I used to have a similar habit with Star Trek, mine seems to now have transferred itself to the 3 CSI franchises. Vampires are cool, they don't deserve to be slain like that!

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