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Opinions are like*******........everyone has one



Ok, I have a confession to make.....everytime I try to use the size, font or color options above I get messed up



So, Nick, you ask, what does that have to do with your entry???? Nothing at all. I just thought I'd point that out before I went on my little rant



Warning......rant ahead




It seems like everyone has an opinion about something. Crazy right wingers have a low opinion of gay marriage. Crazy leftists have a low opinion of the war on terror. George Bush, all the republican politicians and all the democrat politicians have a low opinion of voters.


Even people who read stories here and on CRVboy have low opinions about things. Well, I have a low opinion about something too..............


I have a low opinion of an autoshop teacher who thinks I'll be behind his lesson plan next year if he let's me join because I wasn't in his class this year. I also have a low opinion of a guy at work who never washes his hands after he goes to the bathroom. I mean, the first time I saw it, I was pretty grossed out. He comes out of the stall, gets his hands a little wet, then he shakes them off and walks out. How gross is that????? Its worse because my floor supervisor saw him do and and tried to talk to him and he acted like it was the end of the world that he wanted him to wash his hands after going to the bathroom

I also have a low opinion about people who spread rumors around about certain other people and say they said things they never said. I was at school today and one of my best freinds came up to me and he was pissed because some other guy said I told him that I could kick his *** if I wanted to. Well, I never said that, and as soon as he told me that I was so mad I was shaking. So we went and found the guy who told him and the guy denied that he ever said that about me in the first place!!!! I was hoping my freind was going to shove him or something, because he totally made himself look like a liar(which he is, btw). I mean, I dont really walk around worried about who I can beat up and who I cant, and if I have a fight I'm gonna try my hardest to beat the other guy down. But I dont want to have any problems with my freinds. I mean, there's one person at the whole school that I know from last year. Everyone else is from other parts of Va Beach. All my freinds go to ***** ***** and I got stuck at **********. It sucked at first, but I've made a lot of good freinds, and I'm not trying to have some retarded idiot ruin it for me with a rumor.

Anyway, if you can't tell, I'm in a grumpy mood. My dads flipping out about our vacation next month to Cali and I'm stressing over finals and over Taylors report card, because if he has any F's, he cant go with us and I really want him to come.


Edited by Nick on 6-8-06


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a guy at work who never washes his hands after he goes to the bathroom



That is just gross, I dislike people like that. I work for the nutritional services at a hospital so I feel ya Nick. If I see someone who does not wash their hands I normaly tell them. Some ignore me, but I least I tried.



I also have a low opinion about people who spread rumors around about certain other people and say they said things they never said.


I know how you feel, come work with me. You should see all the rumors that go on in my department. The last rumor that was going on was that I got this girl pregnant and get this I was getting morning sickness so that is why I was off for a couple days. Here I thought I was off because of my ankle...(sighs walks away shaking his head)



I'm stressing over finals and over Taylors report card



Do not worry about it so much Nick, I am pretty sure sure you two will do Okay. In fact I know it will

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I'm sorry, Nick :( . Sounds like you had a bad day :( . This is going to sound cheesy, but I always like to remember this quote in times like that:


"Every passing moment is another chance to turn it all around."


Sophia said it in Vanila Sky. Anyway it's really true, whatever is going on with your life, whatever problems you have every passing moment is another chance to turn it around and start making progress to fix it. Similarly even if it's just uncontrollable bad circumstances every passing moment might be the one in which they turn around.


Anyway I hope you feel better, take care and let us know what happens with the vacation.




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