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I think we all kind of worry when you don't post or write for a few days. I know I do. Hope your fever has gone and hope you feel beter in general. Get well soon.


Oh and for the parrot situation... maybe you could "by mistake" trip the owner of the bird and cause them to swear in front of it. Bird repeats. Its their fault.... :whistle:

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A good friend of mine used to have a cockatoo that could talk. His little brother taught the bird to say eat *** & die. The bird got so much attention when he said it, he said it over and over again.


Paulie soon got the name Rude Paulie and picked up quite the colorful vocabulary- one that would make a sailor blush.


He would sit on his stand swearing at everything- us, the cat, the mail man.

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I too have an infection/fever going on with lots of antibiotics etc which seem to be making me spacey(hence up at 4 am) and NOT working as quickly as I would like. Potty mouth.. just sat for my grandkids ages 5 and 7, they loved it but bet their dad will not be pleased.. The stuff at work sounds f

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:lol: I imagine that bird is not going to give up those words easily they are like children they get hold of a bad word and say it repeatedly :D which is amusing for everyone who is not you or the owners


And i hope your feeling better soon :)



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Sorry to hear your sick, hope you get better soon.


As for the parrot, you really can't untrain them. I have budgies, which can also learn to talk, not all of them but some. My sister would always yell at Buffy (my bird) when he would bite her, which was a lot, she would always say "bad Buffy!". Her bird Arora, who I always considered to be mine because she would never even feed or play with him, but thats besides the point... well he picked up on it and would alwayd be saying "bad Buffy!", then Buffy would peck at him. He used to say other things besides that and would always be chattering away but then one day he just kind of stoped talking, I don't know why, could be because we put a mirror in the cage, I think I read somewhere that mirrors discourage talking because they have something to chirp at. Although, after reading all those bird care books I have decided that they are full of s*** because I swear I do everything they say not to do or your bird will die and have been for the past seven years and Buffy is just fine. Arora died last year, he got really sick right before end of year exams. I miss him.


Anyway, when he swears, just ignore him, don't give him the attention he wants, even if its just to tell him to knock it off. If he sees that saying it won't get your attention then he might stop saying it, its a long shot but might be worth a try.


Also, about the writing, take as long as you need, if someone is going to get upset that your taking too long then its their problem.



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Some Good news and some bad news for you dude. :wacko:


First the good news. :2thumbs: I had a parrot and he came to us with a very colourfull choice of words. We taught him other words and didn't pay heed to him when he used those choice words. As time when by we stopped hearing him saying them. Sadly though they don't forget them, they just stop using them because he couldn't get attection with them.


Now the bad news. :thumbdown: The parrot will keep up with what you say... So if you really want the parrot to stop those words, you need to watch your tounge around it and ingore the bird when it's using such wonderful language.


Take care.


Bard baby. :music:

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Sorry to hear you're feeling sick, Dom. I am too, so it seems like a lot of us are dealing with a nasty bug...



When I was 11, I was hired to babysit an eight-year old (beginning of a long string of babysitting jobs). The couple had a parrot that said "f**k me harder" all the time. Yes, it was kept in their bedroom.


I loved that Parrot and the way it would say that whenever the Mom would come into the room. She'd blush and yell at the bird.




So, um, watch what you say...


(BTW, that was also the time I started to read the book by Dhalgren by Samuel R. Delaney. Let's just say I loved the bi-sexuality of the main character.)

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Guest Rob Hawes


Sorry to hear you're sick Dom. Don't push yourself to write if you don't feel up to it. Getting better has to be the priority and I'm sure your readers, myself included, would rather you made a fast and full recovery than delayed your recovery just to get the next chapter done. Then again, I'm not sure I'm the best person to talk about taking it easy - I've written a little bit almost every day for the past ten years no matter how sick I was feeling.


Prison Break came back on last night. I like that show, but it
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