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Borland is Back!



Back in the eighties if you had anything to do with computer programming, Borland's Turbo Pascal and Turbo C were all the rage. Borland created Intergrated Development Environments (IDEs) that allowed programmers to write, edit, compile and debug code all in one program. Since then, IDEs have become something of an industry standard like JavaBeans and Eclipse.


Well, Borland is back!


You can download for free Turbo Explorer compilers for C++, C# and Delphi. Free is always the right price. C stuff is all over the web so I won't belabor that point.


Delphi is an object-oriented version of Pascal with extensions for the windows environment. You can find these compilers at the Turbo Explorer Homepage.


If you are intrested in Delphi, check out Marco Cantu's homepage. He has free code and ebooks available for download.


Two of these are of special interest are: Essential Pascal and Essential Delphi. These can be found at Cantu's free Pascal and Delphi ebooks.


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