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Calling all cat people... (pics are in)



Ok, all you cat people out there... Ever hear this one?


My cat Pretty Kitty Kitty just had her babies--finally. She had 2--a yellow boy and a black kitten whose sex is yet to be determined. She had them in a box under my dining room table, right near where I usually sit when I am downstairs. She had them accompanied by Sweetie and Peep--two of Marina's babies who are now 6 months and a year and a half old. They were in the box with her the whole time.


Ok, so far not so strange (except for the fact that generally mama cats don't really want company in the kitten box while giving birth--nor do other cats tend to want to be there for that whole process. Being a birth coach to a mama cat usually involves getting bit.)


So I figured she'd want a bit more privacy (why I figured this is beyond me, considering the Peep and Sweetie thing), so I moved her box into the bathroom by the heater. Now, this is not as strange as it sounds since until I just moved it, there was a cabinet there that holds towels and usually a cat or two on those towels. PKK showed signs of wanting to have her kittens on the bottom shelf during her nesting period. It wasn't easy to move the cabinet because it is a small bathroom and if you don't do it just right, you cannot open the bathroom door enough to get the cabinet out of the bathroom. Another option is to move the cabinet so that you are then trapped in a little space surrounded by the cabinet, the sink, the toilet and the tub--and cannot move. Yep, did that.


But anyway, I moved her box and her two kittens there. Shut the door most of the way and figured she'd enjoy the warm, dark privacy.




A few minutes later out she comes carrying the black kitten in her mouth. She then sits at my feet, kitten dangling from her mouth, and looks up at me. So I take the kitten, put him/her back and put her back in with her kittens. I shut the door a little more, figuring maybe she had intruders and was not happy about that, and sat back down to drink my tea.


A few minutes later out she comes again, this time carrying the yellow baby in her mouth. I move my chair back and ask her what the hell she is doing. She promptly jumps up on my lap, deposits her kitten and curls up around him and starts purring.


Ok...she has decided to keep her kittens on my lap. Which is nice--she is nice and warm and so are they and it is a little cold right now. And I love her--she is my favorite cat and knows it (obviously) and her babies. But there are problems associated with this arrangement. First of all, I have to back away from the table so she can sit on my lap. That makes the screen a bit too far for me to comfortably see (yeah, SO nearsighted it is laughable). So if there are typos in this blog, that is why (can't reallysee them to correct them and am hoping for the best). Another problem is that eventually I will need to get up. Nature will call or I will need to get something to at or it will become time to pick Sam up from school. I suppose I could sleep here, but I am a restless sleeper and we would all likely end up on the floor at some point.


I'm assuming eventually she will go and get the black kitten and add him to this arrangement. Though maybe she is planning on alternating since she is a very big girl and pretty much fills my lap--only room for one kitten unless she sits on them (which she seems to like to do anyway). I suspect I will be expected to sit here without moving and mind her kittens when she has to use the litter box or get food.


I hope she isn't expecting me to help with the nursing.


Pics will follow later. (Of the kittens, not of me nursing the kittens, you pervs!)


Edit: Have pics now :)



Pretty Kitty Kitty, Peep and the babies:






SURPRISE! A full day and a half after her 2nd kitten, the 3rd shows up:




Thought I'd sneak this in. Sam on Halloween:



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This reminds me of when my Tink had her litter. I had fixed up a box and showed her where it was. So when she's ready to give birth, where do you think she goes? I'm sitting on the living room sofa, reading, and she plops down next to me and starts licking herself. I pick her up and put her into the box, and she hops out and goes to the sofa again.


It was kind of sweet actually, since she obviously wanted to be in her usual place next to me for this momentous occasion ... but birth is kind of messy. :P


I ended up sitting on the floor next to the box, holding her hand (well, paw) while she dropped the kittens. :wub:




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