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My Christmas



Well I had a terrific Christmas! When I woke up yesterday morning I sneaked into the livingroom and found a Christmas tree (which I already knew was there) loaded with presents! Seeing's how Sam's such a night owl I still had to wait three hours to get to open anything but I busied myself making monkey bread and playing with my computer program where you can design your own house to keep my mind off not waiting for Sam at all and ripping open all my presents. Long about 8:30 I couldn't take it anymore and woke him up! He had said I could at 8 but I felt kinda guilty about waking him up so earlyl so I did the gallant thing and waited a whole extra half an hour. The next hour or so was a flurry of flying paper. Sam loved his XBox and the games I got, plus his movies and Season of Reno911 (if you haven't seen that show and love silly yet very funny shows you ought to check it out!) I got....*takes a deep breath* 2 seasons of Little House on the Prairie, 3 Seasons of Friends, 2 computer games I've really wanted, a new rotisserie, a lb of my favorite candy (that english toffee stuff coated in chocolate and nuts) a new popcorn popper, a $200 gift certificate to Amazon.com, a lava lamp which is distracting me as I'm trying to type this! I got more but I can't seem to remember it right now.


We spent the morning and early afternoon here playing with my new stuff and I got my ass kicked at Xbox, no surprise there. At four we headed over to Sam's mom's house and had a delicious dinner of roast beef with all the fixings THEN we both got a surprise as she'd gotten us a brand new pillow top mattress, I've ALWAYS wanted one of those. There's a chance she may have realized that on our last shopping trip when I spent a considerable amount of time drooling over each and everyone in the furniture store we went to. So after a delicious desert of Chocolate log roll cake and some more visiting we came home, made up our new bed, christened it and I passed out from Christmas exhaustion, it's hard work getting all those presents! All that tearing open of presents, and all the smiling and being so happy, well it just wears a person right out!


So yep that was my Christmas, one for the record books I'd say. Now I gotta go back to work :( I wish we had the day after Christmas off because I want more time to play with all my stuff. Oh also my cat got a fancy set of dishes for her food and water and a whole bag of treats so she had a happy Christmas too. I don't buy her any toys realy because her favorite things to play with are those rings that come off milk jugs and straws. I can buy a $5 dollar cat toy and she'd still prefer to play with a straw. Cept she does realy love the cat nip snake I bought her a couple months back, but that's just cause it makes her high.


Well I guess that's all! I hope everyone else had a great Christmas too and that everyone has a great week this week!


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:D awwwww vancey sounds like you has such an awesome christmas lol can so picture you all excited and trying to wait till 8.30 for sam to get up I'm glad you had a great day and wish you guys celebrated boxing day (the day after christmas) as most people get that off work unless you work in a store that does the sales on boxing day. ooo and what is that programme that you design your own house? *wants it* :P





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:D Yay, Glad Sam liked it, you know you could of distracted him so you could win :P

Tuesday was back to work for me too.



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Wow, great Christmas.


Have a Happy New Year.


I didn't have to go to work the next day. :P


Take care.



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