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omg! i left the house without...



.. a jacket! :o It is 81 degrees outside right now and it's not like I *NEED* one, but I think because I *ALWAYS* have at least one, and it's usually on me, I sorta panicked... Rich agreed I was being paranoid... whatever.


So my friend from work 'S' got back from his trip to China that was a birthday present from a friend of his... WAY AWESOME GIFT!!!... and was telling me all these stories last night... I have concerns about visiting there now :unsure: but since his stories are so... fulfilling :P I might just pretend like I've been there now. I actually gave him my site address so... aahhhhh! But, I love him, he's so sweet and funny and a great person so I'm sure it'll be fine.. so if you're reading 'S'... WELCOME! :wub:


So I watched this movie the other night with Rich called 'The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants'. If you can get past the ridiculousness of the idea that the premise of the whole movie is that there are these four, sixteen year old best friends who are going to be apart from each other for the summer and happen to find this pair of jeans in some store that miraculously fits them all perfectly, even though they are all different heights and weights... it was a pretty moving story and I think I cried at least three times during and once after the movie.


My son is mostly better now and back to school and guess who is sick and has a fever now? Mmmhmm, ME! :( I'm off to squeeze in a nap before I have to go to work...





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