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So it's my first blog entry. Ever. How cool is this? I just found out today that the symbol above what I'm typing right now, an earth with a chain on it, is a control that adds a hyperlink. It's true: I'm the only smart teenager in the world who is technologically retarded.


I also just found out today that Mikie is deaf. That pretty much ruined my day. I hate finding out sad things like that. Mikie, you are the coolest and I love ya to pieces!


On a lighter note (per se), a few days ago I saw my jerkface father for the first time in a long time. Snow Dog, notice the "jerkface". I know I told you I still love him, but that becomes less and less every time I see him.


So, I also learned about isotopes (again) in biology today. I never quite understood why we cover chemistry in biology. Other than production of energy and creation and maintenance of nucleic acids, chemistry doesn't play a huge role in the biological world. Isotopes especially play a tiny role in biology, because I don't think carbon 14 is going to help us much when it comes to explaining why microevolution has been proven and macroevolution is still a theory. Or a load of crap, depending on how you look at it. If you know the answer, will you please tell it to me?


Also, I am Catholic, and today at school an ex-friend of mine was talking about how Catholics wrongfully call the pope 'Holy' and we worship the Virgin Mary (which is not true!). The worst part is, he said all of this behind my back, knowing that I am Catholic and can easily beat him up. So in the halls, I walked up to him and I was like, "We can do whatever the f**K we want the Pope!!!!!!!!!!!!!" And then, I just walked away without saying another word. Everyone in the halls was staring at me. It was so much fun.


So that's the end of Today's rant. Bye!!!!


-psychic psychopath

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Chemistry plays a big part in biology. How proteins interact and hormones is truly chemical in nature. The same thing goes for DNA and RNA. Also, understanding how the brain works also involves chemistry. Tell Snow Dog "hi" for me when you talk to him next.

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