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It's that time again...



It's been over a month since my last blog so I figured I'm due for an update. My life was going relatively uneventful until these past few days.


Let's start with the whole San Francisco thing... I finally bought my plane ticket so I'll be there from Friday morning at 10AM until Monday morning at 7 or 8AM I think. I'm looking forward to it a lot... there are a few people going that I've been dieing to meet for a while now and I'm glad I'll finally get the chance. So if you're thinking about going but are unsure, I say go for. You'll have fun, I promise!


I've been told I'm a bad gay guy. I have no fashion sense what so ever and I can't dance worth a damn. I blame the dancing on the fact that all the people I go to a club with are a foot shorter than I am and I just can't get that low! The fashion thing is true... I can't pick out clothes and usually don't match, I just wear what's comfortable. My friend Jane took me shopping a few days ago and then Lawrence took me again ok Wednesday. Needless to say, shopping with a straight girl one day and then a gay guy the next, I spent a lot of money. But on the bright side, I did get a lot of nice clothes.. even though he insisted on me getting smalls instead of mediums. I'm going to get fat and not fit into any of them and it's going to be all his fault!


Work. Work sucks. Work sucks bad. All hell is breaking loose at work now and it's getting on my nerves. One of our managers is leaving to move to PA, and then 3 more are transfering to another store and we get 2 of their managers in return. So we're loosing 4 managers and only gaining 2. And now this is where I come in. They're promoting me to a manager, but they're only giving me a week to train. I started training today and I have until the end of next week to be finished and be able to run the store on my own. Usually it takes at least 2 weeks and most of the time 3 to train someone. The owner told me they were going to give me the 'crash course' on it. Great! Not to mention that a lot of the other team leaders are pissed that I'm the newest one and I'm getting promoted before any of them. Most of the good people have quit, or are quitting for various reasons and our GM only seems to be hiring people with an IQ lower than room temperature at a pace that's going to leave us with zero people in a months time. It's stupid, and I hate it, and I want to quit but I need the money. GAH!


And now for the real issue that's been eating at me these past couple days. I'll start at the beginning because I have nothing better to do right now. Well I do, but I don't want to do it so I'm going to use this as an excuse to put it off. Anyway, Tina (coworker) and I got off work on Wednesday night and were talking and she said she had to go to Albertsons and get cheese. I agreed to go with and we went over after we got off. We're in the store when all of the sudden Tina stops, turns around and says "That guy over there is Dustin...". Dustin is a guy that our other friend Michelle was trying to hook me up with. So we're leaving and we're talking to one of the people that works there that we know and Tina mentions Dustin and how Michelle was trying to hook us up. So fine, we left. We're out sitting by my car talking when Dustin comes walking over to us. He introduces himself and all that and we started talking. About a minute later, Tina turns and yells "Jonathan!". And here's where things get awkward. Jonathan is my ex and our relationship ended in a not-so-pleasant manner. It wasn't bad, we just stopped talking. So he comes over and starts talking to Tina and every once and a while glances over at me. Dustin gets bored and leaves with his friend and it's just the three of us. So Jonathan says it was nice seeing us and he hugs Tina and turns towards me and it looked like he was going to hug me and I just looked at him. He stopped and looked at Tina and then went inside the store. Tina knows about Jonathan and I, but Jonathan doesn't know she knows. So were still sitting there talking about what happened when he comes back out. He says bye again and Tina and I leave for my house because she wanted to see the clothes that Lawrence picked out for me. While we're at my house I get a text from Jonathan telling me it was nice to see me again and he really wanted to talk to me and for me to get online. So I did and he apologized for being a dick and ending things the way he did and gave me somewhat of an excuse for doing what he did. I'm not one to really hold grudges so I accepted the apology. Well we got to talking and it really seemed like he was interested in getting back together again, but I really don't know what to do. On the one hand, I really liked him and never wanted to break up in the first place, but on the other, I don't want to get f**ked over again and end up hurt. So I've been talking with a few people about it (thanks viv, jeff, and myr!) and I've pretty much decided to give him a second chance and see where it goes.


That was a lot longer than I anticipated, so I'll give a short version: My ex wants to get back together and I'm confused on what I should do.


Well, that's about it for the drama in my life. Until next month!



(Who gives pitty to the person that actually reads all of that.)


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Only caveat - before it gets too serious, make sure the two of you talk about what happened at the end, and why and more important - what's happened in his life since (ie, why won't he make the same mistake twice)...



Just friendly advice to take or ignore...

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Next time, Joe, put the short version first and label them. :lmao:


It wasn't long for a blog. But if you're offering sympathy, I'll take it. :D


Your workplace does seem messed up a bit in their staffing and training practices. As a manager, hopefully you may be able to improve that situation or at least pass on your views to your boss. Being the boss can be difficult, especially at first. Like every other job, it's really a matter of gaining confidence. You strike me as a dude with a lot of initiative and a take charge attitude. In other words, you're a leader. If on top of that, you have people skills, the sky's the limit. You'll be fine. (Yes, I know that's easy for me to say; that's why I said it! :P )


No fashion sense, eh? You're not alone, bud. Remember that. B)


I generally stay away from giving relationship advice. Frankly, I think men (gay, straight or what-have-you) lack relationship skills. One good thing is that it seems you at least got some closure or completion around why the ex acted the way he did. Definitely talk it out with him in person first and go with your gut or heart or whatever internal check you use in making such decisions.


So, yeah, see ya next month. :lol:



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Hey Joe,


Well sounds like things have gotten 'interesting' in the last few days. In my opinion comforatble=sexy....or maybe that is cause I dress for comfort first :P


The work thing sucks. Being promoted and being the boss of a bunch of people that may resent you for getting that promotion won't be fun. They must have chose you for a reason though and I think you are perfectly capable of handling it. One of the hardest things about getting anywhere in life is that you need good people. Sure you may be the only 'good' person/worker there but you can make a possitive change in the rest.


As for the ex situation, yikes not my area of expertise. Honestly I'd be sad to see you off the market ;) but if being with him is what is best for you then go for it. Just take it slow and carefully, 'once bitten, twice shy.'


Take it easy joe :)



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Get some jeans, khakis and polo shirts.


If they aren't in style, at least they aren't so far out of the mainstream that you are mistaken for an alien (the green kind).

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Hey Joe -


You know how I feel about this. You have to follow your heart (and lord knows you'll do that before listening to me any day :lol: ) but you're the only one that can keep yourself from getting screwed over. Talk it over and make sure you like the answers you get before you agree to open the door back up.


You deserve to be treated well. Don't settle for less because you're feeling a little lonely or you have an itch to scratch.


Love ya,



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You make it seem like thats all i do. You suck.


Anyway, is it Ironic that when i saw Jonathan at the Mall it looked like he was wearing the same shirt I picked out for you?



Oh wait...



Damn, you're slutty.


j/k :P

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