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swirling grey matter



Do you ever want to talk, but don


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Sounds like you already have a good start on the paper by focusing on the need for a funded library system and/or better support for the school ;-)


As to the timing thing - it happens... A lot of what can help is just knowing what to let go of and relaxing and accepting...

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Rambling??? I was thinking more along the lines of babbling. :P


Concentric thinking? I like that. :D What I do is called orbital interface self-dialogue!!! The interface part is where I keep running into myself coming from the other direction. :lol:


Steve, I truly admire dudes who are not afraid of making themselves vulnerable, meaning a target for others. :D


You are not alone. This may be your only solace. Humans do dumb stuff like this.


I'm with Trebs. You answered your own question. It sounds like a fine topic. Maybe you could also talk about how it's always the squeeky wheel that gets oiled. Animal lovers, god bless them, are vociferous to say the least. The silent majority, as dkstories would say, get what they deserve.



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I remember when I was an undergrad (yes we had color tv <_< and CD players <_< , but those DVD things were called LaserDisks and were the size of LPs ... those vinyl things :lol: ), anyway, there was a study done on the California budget over the previous 30 years, I believe, (mid 50s - mid 80s). It turns out that there was a strong anti-correlation between the money spent on building libraries and the money spent on building prisons. Any time a library was funded, less money was funded for a prison and vice versa. What I didn't understand (well, I guess I do) is that the prisons seemed to have overwhelmingly won the battle. Don't they get that if you build more libraries, odds are you will need fewer prisons.


Well I'm in favor of libraries all around.


great :wacko: , now the scientist in me is wondering if there was a time lag in the funding or not :blink: ... meh ... my problem, not yours


Try to have fun on the essay Steven, you will do fine.


As for taking chances ... I know the feeling ... really well.


:king: Dr. Mr. Snow "Snoopy" Dog

Hoping to add "Prof." to that

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Interesting you bring up prisons...


In the last 30 years only one UC campus has been added, meanwhile dozens of prisons have been built. The governator even just earmarked some ridiculous amount of money to build even more prisons.


Why? Perhaps if we invested in our future we wouldn't have to lock it up :/


And as too why we are building prisons... Simple Prisons make money, Lots of money, and Did you know the 13th amendment abolishes slavery unless youve been convicted of a crime?


13th Amendment US Constitution: Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction.


Compound that with Victoria's Secret... yeah those wonder bras are sewn in prison. Not too bad, TWA's reservation system is staffed by inmates think twice about calling with that CC info now won't ya.


Okay Im all for reform and paying ones due to society for crimes committed but do you think any of these guys could get a job on the outside doing what the did in there? No cause companies don't like to hire people with felony records. So they get out and repeat the same process again only ending back up behind bars.


Thats okay, because apparently they are worth more there.

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